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Jan Lipsey

The concert was awesome!!! My husband and I celebrated having met 23 yrs ago on that day. So it was a great way to mark our "meeting" anniversary! And our 15th wedding anniversary was on August 26th. So this was our gift to each other! The crowd was awesome as well. Beautiful sing a longs and just a great evening!I love the Christian concerts because everyone acts the way people should. Can't wait to see you again! it was a real blessing to us!


I absolutely loved that concert!!!!!! It was my first Third Day concert. Totally worth the wait especially since I had bought tickets when they first went on sale. Amazing concert that I didn't want to end! And the Third Day shirt I bought that night has been worn so many times already. I think it's spent more time on me and in my clothes hamper than hanging in my closet.


My sister started me off with my first Third Day show a couple of years back in Madison. Since then we've seen you guys at Elmbrook Church and in Green Bay where you played our favorite song request. We were thrilled to hear it again at State Fair & we sang along with you as loud as we could. Every time we've seen you we both say "I can't wait til they come back and we can see them again!" You enrich our lives and hearts. Thanks for braving our "skeeters" we appreciate it more than you know.


Still pumped up about seeing you at the Wisconsin State Fair, even two weeks later. Did you sell the 3 - 4 thousand more CD's to make GOLD? I wish I could buy one for every lost sole I meet and hand them out like candy. Your songs and delivery and prayer move me and inspire me to want to be more like HIM! Thank you, Third Day! And yes, never leave home without the bug spray!

Cheryl Graham

Thank you Third Day for a wonderful and inspiring concert at the Wisconsin State Fair. As many have posted, this was also my first time seeing you in concert. What a blessing! I brought a friend who needed the encouragement and hope that you gave in your music. Please know we all appreciate all the sacrifice and dedication you each have to this ministry. Love and prayers to each of you and your families. May God richly bless your wives and children as they lovingly sacrifice their time with you so you can travel and minister to others. I purchased your Revelations Live CD/DVD after the concert and now realize even more the real effort and time that goes into each performance. Thank you again and God bless you with His never ending peace and joy, Cheryl (New Berlin, WI) P.S. Please come back to Milwaukee someday- I'd love to bring my husband next time!!

Dianne Hughes

I can't even tell you how incredible the show was. I have been wanting to see you in concert & when I heard that you were coming to Wisconsin I could not believe it & got tickets right away. I wanted my husband & stepson to come, but my husband could not make it due to headaches, but I took my stepson (26yo)& he was totally awe struck. He has just started to commit to Jesus and I think going to the concert really inforced it. I was watching him look around & I think he was amazed to see so many people praise and worship the Lord. Thank you so very much for the mighty ministry you have. I only wish I could get the show so my husband could hear it. Is there a way to get the music from the concert so my husband could hear it?


The mosquito - Wisconsin's state bird. Sorry about that.

Awesome, Spirit-filled concert! Praying the hearts of those on the other side of the grandstand were stirred, wondering why so many people were in there singing about God!

May He continue to bless your ministry.
diane - West Allis, WI

Laura Siguenza

Thanks so much for coming back to Wisconsin!!! This was my 8th Third Day show, and they NEVER disappoint! I can't wait to see them again in October in Green Bay! I love you guys; you're my very favorite band ever! Thanks for the fun, uplifting concerts that always bring me a step closer to my God. ...Laura; Appleton, Wi

James Hernon

Thank you for an incredible show for my first time seeing you in concert. It was truly a spirtual show as well as one of the best shows I have ever seen, you guys rocked! You also played my favorite two songs..."Cry out to Jesus and I will always love you" Thank you for an incredible evening and thank you for coming to Milwaukee!!!

Chris Schutte

Thank you all for such a great show!! This was my first time seeing you in concert and got way more than I ever could imagine. It was so cool seeing folks of all ages, young to old, worshipping in that fashion. It was awesome! Please come to the Milwaukee area more often...and maybe, just maybe I might get to hear my favorite Third Day song, My Hope is You. Please know that your music speaks to us in many ways. Stay safe on the road...Prayers for all of you!! Chris - Greendale, WI

Dan Driewer

My wife and I were at the show. I am a long time Third Day fan my wife also, but a little more new to the group. We were blown away!!!!! Your music your testimony.....Awesome. My wife liked Third Day better than Eric Clapton. I must say so did I. I knew you'd be great to see in concert but better than my wildest dreams. We will make every effort to see you again when you come back our way. Thank for sticking throught the head/humidity/bugs. God bless all of you.

Jeff McDermott

Hi guys, I was at the Wis. state fair concert, and it was my first time seeing you guys in concert. I got to tell you I was totally blown away at you. You guys did an excellent job. I brought a another person with me who is a christian, as far as I know never saw a Christian concert before, and she loved you guys. What a time for her to seeyou as as her very first christian concert. Again thanks for coming, and I am looking forward to your new Move cd in October. God Bless. Jeff McDermott From Wauwatosa Wi. A suburb of Miolwaukee

Nathan (3Dstageleft)

you can "hear" the concert if you sign up for the fan club called wired. follow the link and sign up!

Rebecca Stroede

You mention "hearing" the concert in Milwaukee. Where can I hear it?

Chelsie Gratzer

I'll be at two of the next three shows! :) Don't tell any of the guys, though. I'm supposed to keep my mouth shut! But it's soooooo hard to do when the concerts are only a few days away. See ya in Terre Haute and St. Louis, Nathan! Can't possibly wait!

Angela Arsenault-Brown

Bug spray. Never leave home without it!!

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