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I just wanted to say NO matter how hot it was by far the best and most blessing filled experience ever!! My sister and i planned on going for months and for some reason waited to buy our tickets and ended up with Yard seats... But we KNEW God had another plan for us!! we were in the yard and a young man came by and ask if we wanted to sit closer... we said yes of course!! and when we got to our seats we were 11 rows back!! DIRECTLY IN FRONT OF THE BAND!! it felt like you guys were singing directly to us!! i was so sick all day from the heat but as soon as you all started to play it all went away!! i was touched, moved and i had the GREATEST Day EveR!! You guys are the most awesome band ever and you're even better because you only sing about the truth!! i love you guys and i cannot wait for any future concerts in Missouri!! We WILL be there!! :D Also I LOVE THE NEW SONGS and Trevor Morgan RoCkS too!! :)

Chelsie Gratzer

It sure was H-O-T!!!! In more than one way. I think it was like 106 or something like that. The M&G was CRAZY! I had sweat literally dripping down my nose while I was talking to Mark (embaaaaaarassing). My sister and myself literally RAN to the very back of the park to get to the M&G. We didn't even get to the gate until like 5:20 while the M&G was supposed to start at 5:15. So, we ran sooo fast in that heat to get to the gate for the venue and the Wired fans were still waiting there. D'OH! But oh well! I don't regret running.. except for the fact it made me look horrible. But it was fun. And I kept this concert a secret.. and it WORKED! They were all surprised and happy to see me.. seeing as I was at the concert the night before in Indiana.. 5+ hour drive, totally worth it! Great concert.. will never forget it! (Got some video and pictures: http://www.facebook.com/gratzer94#!/album.php?aid=202513&id=505342047 and http://www.youtube.com/user/gratzer94)

Judy Seibert

My twin sister and I were there. Yes it was VERY hot, and I imagine even HOTTER for you on the stage. We both LOVED the show and hope to see you again next time. God bless!


Why do none of the Christian bands play in upstate New York aside from the Kingdom Bound festival? My family lives in a suburb of Utica, and we generally have to travel great distances to go see anyone. I've been trying to find a Third Day show for a long while now that is close enough to drive to with my 8-year old daughter.

Richard Castleman

please come to springfield ,illinois
you have such a great mimistry.aside from your fantastic musicwe would sell the convention center out and our friend terri thinks your great.

Julie Milberg

I missed out on the show! I was looking forward to taking my daughter, there's nothing cooler than listening to a 4yr old belting out Slow Down! She's a bit of a Rocker already! Maybe we'll catch you next time! God Bless!!

Jim Umhofer

I see Mac in one photo with a beard and another without one. Which is it?

Tonya Heifner

I wish I could have seen you guys at Six Flaggs, but things came up as usual. I did get to see you guys this year at the St. Charles Family Arena, Winterjam, thanks to JoyFM. I really enjoy seeing you guys worship, one of my favorite concerts, with you guys was with Michael W. Smith and Max Lucado. God Bless you!!!! Keeping you in our prayers.


love you guys

Big Al

It had been hot for WEEKS here in the StL... This was the first TD show I'd missed in St. Louis in a number of years. I'm glad it went well!!


I was there and it was so hot!!! I can just imagine how much hotter it was on stage. It was an awesome concert, I didn't want it to end!!!!

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