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Ron Keegan

Thank You for an AMAZING SHOW!!!,,and taking the time to celebrate Jesus with us!!! ROCK ON!!!!

Chelsie Gratzer

This night was sooooo amazing! I have to say it was probably the greatest show I've been to. (Out of nine concerts) The guys seemed to have a lot of fun and were really relaxed and comfortable. I am so glad that Tai had Make Your Move added to the setlist since I didn't ask Mac to play it like I was supposed to. Tai really wanted it on YouTube. :) It was sooooo hot outside! Praise the great and mighty Lord above that the concert was inside instead of in that 105 degrees of hotness! But we did stand outside waiting to get in for about 30-60 minutes. But it was totally worth it! The Q&A, M&G, and concert... all made this night one of the greatest of my life. (Got some pictures and videos: http://www.youtube.com/user/gratzer94 and http://www.facebook.com/gratzer94#!/album.php?aid=202508&id=505342047)

Sue Furnish

How blessed we were to be at this concert! Awesome being in such a smaller setting. Thank you for making this stop a part of your tour.


Boy I love this group. Had an opportunity to see you in Fresno couple of years ago. Loved it. I do have to admit though, I like your hair much shorter. When are you coming back?

Janet Allbaugh

Third Day Thank You for the wonderful and Blessed night. The concert was wonderful and the Holy Spirit was in that church. God Bless all the band and may all the people who hear your songs be blessed.
Thank you and again and come back to Indiana anytime and we will give you the same welcome.


we love third day and their music!!!!


Great show in Terre Haute, guys. Thanks for making it a stop. The small setting was awesome. I really enjoyed getting to meet the band prior to the show also and hearing some of their thoughts on what it's been like to be together for the past 18 years. Continued blessings on you all, I'm looking forward to many more years of listening to your music and hopefully a few more concerts in Indiana.

Teri Bennett

I've played Trevor Morgan over and over in the truck. Loved the whole show. Thank you so much for reaching out to the community in the Terre Haute area.

Sue Thompson

Thanks for coming to Terre Haute. Great show. Awesome worship. Love you guys!

wendy Palazzo

I forgot to say It's nice to know you are visiting Home in Indiana. I'm from Illinois
I know what it is Like going Home.Enjoy it.

Sherry Mathews

Thank you Third Day for coming to Terre Haute. It was awesome to worship God with you! I love your new song! :)

wendy Palazzo

You all are in my prayers Hoping for you to come to rehoboth Ma to sing with me at my church. Praying for Mac to get this Divine Revelation that He needs to come sing with me Just one Song Before the Rapture. You are so Good to me. I have a Nice Harmony for it. At least Know that I want to sing a song with you all. Email me and Let me know how you are doing I pray for the ministry and the Music all the time.

don olivo

when will u b coming to San Antonio tx again. i became a 3rd Day fan the first time i heard u.


Can you make it out to Santa Barbara California?? Reality Carpenteria and Reality Ventura is on fire and would fill up the house! check out Santa Barbara Bowl or Arroyo Verde park in Ventura ,California.....want you here badly!! To Him be all the glory!!!


I was at the show and it was awesome!!

Russ Mason

Hi Guy's, I've been so blessed by your music!! When are you going to get back to Sacramento?? God Be with you all and look out for your well being and safty on the road. Keep the clips and video feeds coming.

Toby Keathley

Terre Haute and MCC is home. It's not too often that we're upset about being stationed in Germany, but this was one of those times. You guys HAVE to come back next year when and we'll be there! :-)


You were all amazing. Love Children of God picked it up very quick. I have to agree we did sing perty loud.

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