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Jeff Cooke

I have a bunch of pix and 1 video that I shot on the 12th here in Muskegon but don't know how to send them all to you. They are in my Facebook and MySpace photo albums. http://facebook.com/jeffacooke or http://myspace.com/jeffacooke


awesome pics :)

daniela albergaria

são lindas as fotos!!!
gostaria de saber quando vcs virão para o Brasil novamente,estamos esperando ansiosamente, Deus a bençõe Third day!!!!

linda joplin

I lost a brother a couple weeks ago, and I did his funeral. He was born again since Mother's Day this year. I used the parable of the "Prodigal Son" and all the music was about someone who wasted his life, yet when he came to know Jesus he was such a changed man. I am a huge fan, and I used your song "Born Again" right after giving testimony of his being born again. So many people came up and asked me how they could get that song. I haven't listened to it since July 15th but I will again soon! Thank you! Third Day, God used your gift, and I pray He keeps on gifting y'all!

linda joplin


Wow. Thanks for putting two of my shots up. What a surprise. Keep rocking it out guys, and thanks, Nathan, for putting all these great shots up!


You guys are absolutely awesome! I thank God for each of your lives and for putting the talents/gifts the Lord has given you for His service and glory. God bless you all abundantly!

jeffrey stephenson

hey guys, saw you at k. island july-8th great show!! i'v seen ya guys a bunch of times, i always wondered i play in our worship band at church & when the spirit is movin with people being blessed. it really just humbles me to be a small part of that. can't imagine whats it like when 10,000 are praisin him!! btw tell david he's got a great groove & love his dw's

Kathy Howard

You guys are simply awesome!!! God has blessed all of us with your great voices and words.....keep going strong...we need to hear all you sing to us daily. I have never been so happy in my life listening to KLOVE in Michigan. Thanks again and God bless you!


Guyz you rocked Chicago with praise & worship. Good for the kingdom. I love you


GREAT pics! I couldn't get my camera in to CenturyTel in Bossier City, OH! how I wanted too!

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