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Cindy Boo

Well... I had traveling problems getting there too! What should have been a 2 hr drive from NW IN took 6 hrs of standing traffic, detours to who knows where & just being lost in general because of the flooded expressways! Was soo glad to get to go out in the outfield to see you guys! Did a great job of getting us refocused on the wonders & love a God who brought us all there that Hot, muggy day! Had a great M&G with the guys, slthough my WIRED pic truly depicted the hot miserable weather we all went through! Thank God for getting us all there! It was worth the struggle! BTW When will Ignite be posted on WIRED Radio? Third Day sounded great, as always! Cindy Boo (goatkeeper)


Third Day is the best Christian rock bank,you guys were awesome here in chicago despite all the adversities that came your way,and ours included,but we made it there and you performed,thank you so very much,love you guys

steve lechner

third day is awesome band the music pumps u up w the holy sprit


i think what are you did it's awesome..god blesS THIRD DAY!!

Linda J. Bates

Third Day, You are the best band in the whole world!!! The music and vocals are splenderifous!!!!!!!!! Mac, I really LOVE the way you sing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! God bless you guys!!!!!Thank you for your wonderful songs about Jesus Christ!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Love, Linda


when will you guys come to NYC?

peter jimmerson

i love you guys plse email me back if you are free


U guys rocked last night! God shines through all of u! I'm so thankful for ur music. It's so encouraging and uplifting! We serve an awesome God! God bless u guys and keep shining for Him!


Have a w o n d e r f u l, well desevered rest! Jesus Rocks my world through you! Keep up the good work! :)

Jen Casino

Your music drastically changed the course of my husband's (Brett) life and I'm so glad that after 12 years he was finally able to meet you all and share his testimony with you last night after the Ignite show. Your music has meant so much to us both over the years. Thanks so much & God bless.


give chicago all you've got. they really need your music.i love your music god bless.

Jackie brown

Thank you for making the journey. I came to Ignite to see Third Day specifically. Hope the concert at Six Flags St Louis isn't stormy this year. I love seeing you guys play there!

Sue Marie Wicke

Keep up God's work!


Get some rest, we " Curtis and Danielle Washington" love love love you! Ur are gifted and Blessed by God with that beautiful never forgetting voice! Ur words and ministry last night was the path way of the Holy Spirit to lift us all up! Thank you! God bless you Mac and Third Day!

Danielle budd

Thank you for your hard work. Your music is my favorite.
Please get rest, and God bless you!
Would like to see you live soon! :)


Wow, dude! What a trooper! Get some well deserved rest. :-)

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