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Daniel Diniz

The Second Picture Guitar Player Jason, remind so much the Brad Avery in The Third Day. Look your pose with the Gibson Guitar. I miss of Brad in the Third Day!! But... Praise God for Everything

Denise Jackson

Even though I no longer live in Yakima (born & raised there for 35 yrs) much of my family is still there and so it is very near and dear to my heart. This was the first time that city every experienced anything like this event. It was a God-send and I am very grateful that you chose to participate. They desperately need more of this sort of thing (christian concerts) and it would be great if you would consider going there again. Awesome show! Awesome time! Thank you so much! God bless you all.


Just so you all know... I had tix to see Elton John in Kelowna, Canada (right by where i live) but I sold them so we could drive on down to see you. Sorry, but Elton John doesn't hold a CANDLE TO THIRD DAY! Not even close.
Have heard Lift Up Your Face a dozen times on the Message on XM and love it! I was so glad to hear it live.
Thanks again from the crazy front row Canadians! :-)

Karen Cummings

Awesome concert. My sister and I went to both your concert and the Elton John Concert. Woo-Hoo!


There is a problem with "admiring" anyone for any reason who proudly lives a lifestyle that is an "abomination" (Leviticus 18:22) in regard to our Lord's words. We have to be careful who we "idolize".


I seen you in Tri-Cities last year, wish I could have seen you in Yakama. I post your song REVELATION on my fb paige so many times for my family and friends who need the word..Thank you for everything you do.

Julie Hyatt

I WAS AT THE SHOW IN YAKIMA!!!! (all caps on purpose!!! ;) It was so fantastic and the weather couldn't have been better too!! I LOVE your message and your music and seeing you in person was so great!!!! The whole CityFest weekend was wonderful, and for Third Day to be the grand finale was perfect!!! Thanks so much guys for a wonderful concert and blessings as you travel and minister to many others!!!! Your concert gave me a revelation...!!!! ;)

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