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eu sou Vanessa Terres, moro no Brasil sou fã do grupo acho a voz do Mac muito linda. Aqui no Brasil não tem muito rock, gosto do rock gospel internacional embora nao saiba ingles gosto da melodia entendo alguma coisa rsrsrsrsrs


I love the song "you are Mine", very much, just reminds of JESUS's love for us.
God Bless You. Take care.


Third Day The Lord has blessed you abundantly through His Spirit. Thank you for your dedication and preserverence of spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ our Lord,Saviour and God.
You were amazing at The Rangers Ball Park on Saturday the 24th of April. I had an amazing time in worship.

May GOD always Bless you guys (yall)



Just a thought for a title for this picture (a.k.a. "freeze" frame): "It would be a "crime" to miss a Third Day concert"....
Oh, just came up with another line... "don't "resist a rest" after a long concert tour"
10-4 over and out...waaay out...


What an awesome time of worship praising our Lord and Savior Jesus. Thank you Third Day you guys are wonderful.

Michael Basham

Third Day was awesome at the ballpark in Arlington ! Thank you for the testimony of Chris Plekenpol who saw active duty in Iraq http://www.iamsecond.com/#/seconds/Chris_Plekenpol/ Thank you to http://www.iamsecond.com for making the concert possible at The Ball Park In Arlington Texas ! Also, A Big Texas Hat’s Off To Third Day ! http://www.thirdday.com/ after a long year of Touring…(Believe me I traveled 80% of the time for work at one time, it's grueling)….Mac Powell’s continued witness through his presentation of The Gospel by Personal Testimony and Awesome Lyrics continue to represent “This Is What’s Real” and that is John 3:16.

Let's not forget http://www.klty.com they keep "BRINGIN' IT" Year after Year, after Year ..KLTY...I know God is honored by your loyalty and passion for spreading the gospel, so effectively in a lost world and interacting in a business world to do it!

Thank You, Jesus, for those who will break away and "Like Third Day says", “RUN TO YOU”!

John 3:16 (New International Version)
16"For God so loved the world that he gave his one and only Son,[a] that whoever believes in him shall not perish but have eternal life.


Michael Basham

Lauren Ruffin

went to see you guys at rangers stadium last saturday. the show was awesome, just wanted to let ya'll know that the Holy Spirit has spoken through you with every song that you play. i started listening to you guys back in high school, and i finally got to see you all live this past saturday! God is using you all in such a huge way! praise be to Him!
By the way...what's a "one off" show?

Greg Dunlop

Man, we missed this one! Whenever Third Day is within a day's drive of Corpus, we try to make the show, but couldn't get this one in. Really sad because looking at the tour schedule, don't see where we can catch a show anytime soon. Oh well, look forward to the new album ya'll are working on and the subsequent tour that will come with it? Stopping by Corpus again soon? :)

Take care ya'll and God Bless!

PS, I didn't see the game, but was told ya'll were mentioned on the broadcast of the game because the crowd was larger than expected due to Third Day! Praise God!


Heidi J Hunt

my first time seeing you guys....had a great time. what a beautiful day for an outdoor show
thanks for everything you do

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