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Samuel Wilson

Oh and one more thing..... Im mad...i wanted a picture with one of the greatest bands in the world after my first winter jam concert, and I was upset that i couldnt get it because i didnt even know you had a fan clubb...im a fan but im not in the club....this is not fair...lol

Samuel Wilson

I hope Tai feels better or is better. The whole Winter Jam concert was awesome. What made it even better was the fact that for the first time in my 21 years of life, I finally got to go to a Third Day Concert. As a matter of fact this is my first concert Ive ever been to. Well besides the fred hammond one in texas at the potters house. Dont get me wrong, fred hammond, smokey norful and j moss are awesome but you Guys with micheal tait and fireflight are my most favorite worship groups ever. I am starting a worship band with some college friends named Oh Captain and I pray that we have an anointing as close as your groups. God is my inspiration, and its groups like third day that really gives us motivation to work harder. I wish i could be an understudy with you all...lol..and david crowder...lol..that would be [email protected]!!!! I love this...im coming again next year...but please come back to mississippi...I know this was my first third day concert...i dont want it to be my last...and i hope to one day do a collabo with you all


I was at the concert. I am a 44 year old mother of 2. I know people who don't like the "new" stuff kids are listening to. I remember when i was a kid back in 73 and listening to the Gaithers. They were the edgy ones back then. Now they are pull'n the southern gospel train. Just think in 30 years ya'll might be considered southern gospel. LOL. Keep up the great work. You are a huge blessing to a mom who's kids hate southern gospel.


I had the chance to go to the show in Tupelo, and I even had the honor of having VIP passes for my wife and myself. This was the first time I had seen Third Day and I was very moved. You guys seem to be so sincere. I am in a group that was formed from a Celebrate Recovery program and we get the chance to minister through music, not nearly as many people as Third Day reaches. I got to meet a few of the people on the tour and that was exciting, but I came to the conclusion that all of you are just like the rest of us. You are just trying to serve God. One person that I talked with quite a bit was Brother Bobby Joiner. I really enjoyed getting to talk with him. I gave him a DVD with one of our shows on it. I hope all of you on tour get to see it. Who knows, maybe you guys can send someone our way that needs what we can offer, love and understanding in hard times and times of trouble.


Get better Tai.


Sorry to hear Tai's sick... will be praying for him.
You guys are so awesome-- still playing and touring even when you're sick. We really do appreciate it!
Will be fervently praying for all of you.

Carol L (TDfan)

Poor Tai. Praying he feels better. Guess it was coming sooner or later. That bugs been hanging with WJ for a while now. Hang in there guys the end is in sight! Looking forward to watching the show again online Sunday. That will make 4 WJs for me - 2 in person, 2 online! Great memories! It never gets old!!

Angie (angelfan)

Hope Tai gets to feeling better...and you guys have a blast tonite!

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