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Awesome! Can not wait to hear the new album, I know it will be amazing just like all of your other ones. I love you guys so much, I have well over 100 of your songs, and love every single one of them. I listen to your music everyday, and it always puts me in a good mood. Praying for you as you continue to work on all your upcoming projects. See you in July at the Spirit Song in Ohio (wish it was sooner) Your Guys Rock!!!! God Bless...


Mark, thanks for the update about the recent happenings with the band. It's always much appreciated. I'm eager and hopeful that the next Third Day album, recorded and released in good time, will mark a return to your original sounds. Throw in some acoustic stuff in there, like we heard on the self-titled CD. Toss in some aggressive music like the material from Conspiracy. Insert some praise and worship stuff that we heard on the Offerings records. Above all, as a fan of you guys since your first record, I'm looking forward to hearing words and music that point to the power of Jesus working in the lives of people - heard throughout every song on the Come Together album. I wish you all of God's best as the tour and the band's journey continues!

p.s. any chance of getting Brad back?!


Yay!!!!!!!!New record!!!!!! Can't wait to hear it!!!!Will be praying for you guys!
P.S. Good to see you're blogging again; was kinda sorta beginning to wonder if you guys had become completely "twitterfied". I mean, twitter's nice, but there's only so much that can be said in 140 characters.. we fans, of course, need more details....and pictures... and videos... that we have all come to know and love and eagerly anticipate from this blog...hint..hint--HINT!!
No pressure, though...well... maybe just a little bit of pressure...
Just kidding. (Sort of)....


Woohoo! Can't wait for the new record! Will be praying. Thanks, Mark.




I'm getting goosebumps all ready! Oh, and not to jinks anything, but at least TRY not to bread down again in Arkansas. (Just kidding) (Kind of)


Will be prayin'. Can't wait to hear the new stuff. And get that blog going! We miss the updates!

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