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Kiska Carr

Winterjam Fort Wayne, IN.
I had an amazing time. Second row seats. You guys did an awesome job and I had such a blast worshiping with you to your amazing praise songs. Let Matt know that I appreciated his beautiful voice and that I wish I could've met him after, but Third Day is just too popular. Thanks again for the spectacular show! I love you and I love that you love the Lord as much as I do and have the strength and courage enough to go out in this world and worship openly!


O my word! I can't wait to go see these guys! I have only heard alot about like Chris Tomlin and all of those guys, but never even heard about one of the six bands in the "Winter Jam!" It will be amazing to see them. All of the commentors below say they had an amazing time! I am goin to their concert really soon and i hope i LOVE them!


I lovedd winter jam... Alwayss rememberr Memphis Tennessee!! I Am so Gladd i got to go.. Yes it wass awesome.. and i am forr suree comingg backk nxt yearr! andd Tiredd day The Bestt Bandd outt theree!! and i am a teenagerr and you would think that i wouldd like lil waynee and all themm NNOOO I Lovee christian musicc and i alwayss will.., greww up in churcch and aintt stoppingg now!!

Rae :)

WOW WOW WOW!!!! Winter Jam was sooo totally rockin' awesome!!! Y'all never cease to amaze me. I saw y'all at the Charlottesville, VA show and loved it! Thanks for leaving us with a hymn :) I'm so glad y'all love our little town and that you worked on some recordings at your studio here! You have absolutely no idea how excited that makes me!!! Or maybe you do ;) Anyway, I'll be praying for y'all as you tour. Come back in the summer!!!! God bless and rock on!

tori gracee (:

Winter jam was so great (: thanks for coming out, the show was amazing in greensboro! i really enjoyed you guys, Matt has an amazing voicee (:

Bre Murphy

Winter Jam is awesome! Great show in Columbus. Man they sure do make you wait for Third Day (not that I didn't enjoy the other bands cause they were awesome to.. actually I am a new fan of many of them.) It worked out well with you being at the end of the night for the meet n'greet, which was absolutely awesome. It was great to get to talk to you for a few minutes. You guys are my favorite band ever, your music is so awesome, and has helped me in so many ways. Glad you guys made it safely in the snow. Praying you have safe travels throughout the rest of Winter Jam. Thank you for everything you do. You Guys Rock!!!!--God Bless


We just got back from our road trip to Reading, my family and I. We drove out to the Winter Jam from northern NJ and it was worth the trip! Even though it was our first time seeing you in concert, we love you all. I was hoping to hear some inspiring words from Nigel!!! Next time, we'll be wired! God bless you and thank you for your gift of music. You always touch my heart somewhere deep!

Sherri Gillespie

Thank you Mac and Company! I loved being a witness to your ROCK STAR performance last night in Champaign, IL. Tickets to see Third Day was what I asked for this past Christmas... before I even knew your tour schedule. I just put the request out there to the Universe. Two days after writing you down on paper our local radio station (WBGL) announced your up and coming arrival right here in my home town! Amazing Grace. I couldn't have received a better Christmas gift...and my birthday is in two days! Very happy to have finally gotten to see you live. Your music has brought me SO close to Jesus...too much to explain, but just know you helped me get out of a very dark place in life. Pretty sure God had you write some of those songs just for me! ;) Happy touring and thank your families for sacrificing this time with you. God Bless the entire tour group...ALL y'alls! ~Sherri

Rae :)

Can't wait for Winter Jam at the arena in Charlottesville, VA!!! By the way...Mac-I love the song "Fly Away" you performed with Grits :) You should rap the whole song at Winter Jam! That would make my day ;)

Jack Fullerton

Great show in Tampa last night. You made a new fan of my daughter. Before you guy were just okay (lol), now you one of her favorites after that show. God has truely blessed you with your talent and thank-you for blessing us with you praise and worship!


Awesome, awesome show last night in Jacksonville, guys. Took loads of pics and even some videos that I'll treasure forever. And that's not even the best part. Best part is knowing I did something to help the victims of the Haiti quake and am also now sponsoring a beautiful baby girl from China. God Bless!


U all could come to Brazil again dont you???


I saw the charlotte,nc concert and it was awesome.I loved Revive, Newsboys and you ThirdDay.It was awesome when that guy whos name i forgot flew up in the sky and it was funny when you said you would try to not step on that platform and go shooting up.

Carol L (TDfan Gomer)

Saw the show in Fayetteville. What a great show. All the bands were great. Third Day is the icing on the cake! Catching the show again in Greensboro next month! Can't wait!!

Wendy (sirmax70)

Enjoyed the show! I go to WinterJam every year (at least the Greensboro show) and I have a great time but of course having Third Day there just makes it that much better! Thanks for a great show!! See you again in Greensboro!


it doesn't go as fas as you think but im sure you'll enjoy every bit of it...i went to the one in charlotte just yesterday with my youth group and man it was awesome!! definitely worth seeing


So is it going to be short set lists? with that many bands, and only being from 7:00-10:00, sounds like it.

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