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Joanne Reynolds

I knew when you gave the challenge that we all knew what to do and there was no question in my mind that we fans would let you know, by our giving, that we are all brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. Bless you all for all that you do for all brothers and sisters around the World.. congrats on the Grammy Award, and loved the show and meet and greet this past weekend in University Park, PA. God Bless you all!!

Joanne & family

Ellen Farrow

Thanks for your heart for Haiti. Our church mission group was there during the earthquake working at Mission of Hope. They need out help too, as they are the only orphanage and hospital in their area that is up and running. They went from 90 orphans to caring for the needs of hundreds of men, women and children almost over night. Please, when you get a second, take a peek at our little website - a bunch of caring musicians wrote a song and all the proceeds are going to Mission of Hope and to Salvation Army's efforts to stop the trafficking of children.

Pat Morton

went to Winter jam and was impressed with Third Day. When they got on stage I knew why they were billed as the top group. They were not flashy, they just brought the spirit of the Lord. The other groups were great, also. It was the best concert I have ever been to that featured this type of music.


Knew ya'll would be among the first to respond. Thank you for allowing us to rise up to the challenge as well

Angie (angelfan)

Thanks for the donation from your Come Together Fund. It's wonderful that you had the foresight to set-up that fund to help others in emergencies. Our family has made a donation as well, though through another agency. All of us contributing together can help in big ways. Thanks for the challenge to all of us.

Carol L (TDfan Gomer)

Thanks for the donation and I have donated as well. Pray all Gomers answer the call as I'm sure they will. Any amount helps as I heard on the news last night - most Haitians make $1.00/hr. Very sad situation. The Most High is leading us to help the least of His people. If it has God's blessing, it must be done!

Joanne Reynolds

Yes, thank you for the post, the email, the challange and the link. I am certain that all Third Day fans will give as graciously as they are able and together we can help our brothers and sisters in Christ. The giving may be enough for just one person to come to believe in the Lord if they don't already.

Sara Roberts

Thank you for posting the challenge and the link. We've donated and stand firm in our belief that many other Third Day fans and fellow believers will also step up to the challenge and share the love of Christ through their generous support in this great time of need for the people of Haiti.

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