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Juliana Martins

It's very funny...Tai you are fabulous!!!!

A. Pratt

I'm Canadian. What exactly are you implying?!?!?! That we're fun and multi-talented, I'm sure. Great pics!!! Thanks for coming up, eh!

Erin Wiggins

Ok that was funny but, really if anyone came up with those kind of nails to ask for a job, I wouldn't want to hire him. wouldn't want to make him mad either though. God bless ya'll and your families.

Wanderson Santos Dias

Yes Tai is very funny!


Dude, absolutely without a doubt some of the most hilarious pictures you guys have ever posted!! Wolverine rocks! In any one of those jobs!


BUS DRIVER....That is so funn!! It is really strange how you resemble. That is too good.

Dan Gross

Wow, I had seen the one pic you posted to Twitter, but didn't see the whole album until now. You guys need to get your RSS->Twitter Feed set up! Anyway, on bass, "Wolverine" looks like Tony Levin playing with his funk fingers!





Matthew Mintz

That is so Funny Tai should always where the t-Shirt live it is so cool.

He should play Drums.

My Family thinks so Too!

Bye Comment on my gomer page


tai you are hilarius kkkkkkkkkkkkkkkkk...hahahahahahaha


Love The CHOPS, Digging Them!!! You are too cute for your own good. Oh and do I have a big fingernail file I would like to sell you. Hehe. You Guys Rock. I love your band, to to much. Bye Wolfy.. All My Best NancyT.





Jake Riley

The truck driver difinitely takes the cake. Now if any other strange guys (or gals) come around....

Carol L (TDfan Gomer)

Too funny! Thanks for posting


Wow-Wolverine as the newest member of Third Day-looks like he has some mad skillz to meet up with all the demanding requirements of the job! lol You guys are awesome!

Jason Whitehorn

The official nosepicker.

Nikki Aranda

I love that you guys are having such a good time! I just feel really bad because I see that you have a concert just about every night. I am sooo looking forward to seeing you all Sunday here in Bakersfield. Me and my fiance will be there(he did not like you guys at first but now he enjoys your music)that's a huge accomplishment! I hope to hear "I have always loved you", I need a poster board and a shapie. Well take care and God bless. (and get plenty of rest)
love ya'll


Great attitude looks like he would be willing to take on any job! Looks like you guys are having a blast!! Thanks for sharing.


That's awesome! I almost missed how the claws were being held onto the fretboard on the bass :)


I LOVE THIS WOLVERINE GUY!!! Canadian, eh? I did meet a few of odd ones while in Montreal a few wks ago. He's def got multi-skillz! Edward Scissorhands, move on over! Oh, and tell him I'm impressed that he DID come through with the chops.... & he should keep 'em!


don't look a whole lot different than those faux claws that you put on for pickin... except for he's got 'em on both hands...

Chelsie Gratzer

Haha, this is HILARIOUS!!!
I think Wolverine should either play the bass or maybe open merch boxes!
Haha, I'd laugh if Tai.. I mean.. Uhhumm... "WOLVERINE" drove the bus! You would've went through a million buses!
Hmmmm... it's a tough decision!
If he ran sound... there would be MANY screeches and noises! Those claws are HUMONGO!!!

Cindy (goatkeeper) gomer

I think Wolverine should be Third Day's offical "Back Scratcher"! Don't think He could be much of an asset musically with those claws!! PS: I think Tai is back on the bus trying to sleep!! (had a rough night)! LOL Cindy(goatkeeper)gomer

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