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My post was a belated review of "Revelation", however in my defense, I think it is only fair that I spent a lot of time really digesting it's greatness before getting to the point of reviewing it. Great job guys, thanks for making the cold trip to Alaska again! I thought you'd learn from last time to visit in the summer instead. . . . :)


Done...contest time...go enter!


Hey! my name is Tonya and I was at the Xtreme Conference last week. I doubt you remember but Mr. Tai Anderson handed me a pick during the concert and I really appreciated it... I never "win" anything. haha. But the reason I'm writing is to ask a favor. After the worship we gathered outside and I discovered that I had recieved a text from a friend during the concert. I discovered that Will Graves, a good friend of ours, was in a terrible car accident. He over-corrected and flipped the car several times and broke two bones in his neck. You can read the entire story at caringbridge.org and type willgraves as the website name. His mother is keeping a wonderful jornal that will truly show you what God has been doing. My favor that I am asking is for you to keep him and his family in your prayers. He has a long way to go but God can definitely heal him if it is his will. Thank you for your time and God Bless! I'm praying for you!

Angela O

thank you so much for your music and message

Lori Hamlin

Looking forward to seeing you guys in Weatherford in March!

Carol L (TDfan Gomer)

Actually I'm glad you're a few days late Mark, I sure forgot to check for it with all the post holiday stuff going on! Anyway. Looking forward to seeing you in Williamston, NC next month. Enjoy Alaska. Can't wait to hear about it and stop stressing about the cold and take in the beauty of the land - it's breathtaking!

Chelsie Gratzer

That was fun! That took me like 30 minutes to write! Haha, have fun in Alaska! Hope you guys decide to come back to Bloomington, IN. soon.

Christy R

Looking forward to seeing you guys tomorrow night in Fairbanks..Dress warmly!

Cindy (goatkeeper) gomer

Hey Mark! Here it is finally! Hope you like my blog! God uses you guys in a GREAT way! Thanks for all the encouraging songs & really caring about your fans! Hope to see a concert added sometime soon close to NW Indiana! Thanks!! :D


Help me win $1000 from Billy Wilkins in his video commercial contest.


Love "Revelation" and the album gets better and better. Ditto on seeing you guys in PA in April. Peace and God Bless! Kevin

Lauren W

hoping to see you guys when you hit up PA in april. peace out cub scout.

Natalie Protz

Hey Mark! You guys ROCK!!!

Russ Hutto

Great idea! I'm part of a blog community that uses the Linky to post Sunday Setlists.

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