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Hope you like my Blog about Third Day Live! It's incredible!!!


All your shows are great. Here's my experience: http://ymimexico.org/2008/09/05/the-best-ending-to-a-concert/

Dawnifer Gomer

My post is not about a live moment but words of advice for all who want to experience Third Day live and getting tickets. See you at RTU!!


I know I'm a day late, but I bet this is the first time someone has included Pantera in thier post.

Joan Young

Well...my blog isn't about anything LIVE so to speak....but its about a real life experience & how Jesus made His love for me known via a certain verse of a certain song....My love for you is so alive....
Check it out ;)

Rose R

See you in a month!!! Woo! hoo!!! We're so excited! Dude, Mark! I'm getting my DH blog sign ready! =D

Adam M.

I wish I could see a Music Builds show but, I don't have any tickets and I'm starting school. I can't wait to hear "Slow Down" live on the Wired Radio though! I'll try to see a Third Day show again towards Spring hopefully.

Bernie Rosage Jr

If I were stranded on a deserted island....

you'll have to read my blog post if you want to hear more.... :)


PS... See you guys in Raleigh!


There's more to the live experience than just the show. ;)


Thanks. See you guys later this month!


Can't wait to hear about Choctaw nation!!!

Haven't you done the Third Day LIVE tour before (I have a jacket that says it)....my blog post is about my favorite show from that tour.

See you soon!

Have a GREAT GREAT time in Florida. Hope you don't get rained out!


How fortuitous that we're talking about the LIVE aspect of THIRD DAY, because one of our contributors got some amazing live videos this weekend. :)


Great show in Indy!


Fantastic show in Indiana...wishing I could follow the tour around this fall but alas work and a normal(non-stalking)life derail my dreams!

Terrace Crawford

Neat contest. Can't wait to see you guys when you visit Virginia Beach.


This is the first time I've taken part in this little game. I agree with Mark L (whoever that is :)) - this is awesome.

James Cochran

You guys rocked Indiana! Can't wait to see you again. -James

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