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Lt Col James Zemotel

...and don't I feel silly? Yes, twelfth is with an "f", but "Mac" is without a "k"!

By the way, thanks a $M for the mini concert. That's the first time I've seen you guys live, and I think the smaller, intimate setting was PERFECT. Just to be sure I'll make a comparison on 12 Oct. All God's greatest blessings, ~Z

Lt Col James Zemotel

Near the very end of the Denver autograph session, I came through and I think I was talking to Tai and Mark about playing at Buckley AFB--on the eastern edge of the Denver-metro--in October either before or after the concert on the 12th (Mack - it's with an "f"). One of you also mentioned trying to possibly playing the Air Force Academy, but you said, "we can't invite ourselves." I have made some initial contacts, but I need to know how the Academy folks can contact you via Email, phone, etc. I think we can make this happen!


Great show guys. It was fun to play with you. Hope your travels continue to go well.


Debra and Kevin

Thank you so much for coming to Denver. The concert was fun and it was great to meet you again. We saw the interview you did for the local t.v. station. It came out really well. We can't imagine the schedule you guys have been through but still you are ready to rock each night. May God continue to give you strength!


I was very thankful to be at the concert in Denver. I left work early, picked up the family and we headed down to wait in the sun. We really appreciate the music, and have been listening for about 10 years. Thank you for making Denver one of the cities you visited. We also have tickets for the next concert in October on the 12th, no "f" in there.

God bless you and keep the praise and worship coming.


It really depends on who is making the requests. I think you are afraid to ask someone of us ;) because we will pick the ONE song off of the cd you haven't listened to since you recorded it and expect you all to know the chords and words...yeah..that's what would happen....(hint *GIVE* or *MAY YOUR WONDERS NEVER CEASE*)

Glad the shows were good. Reading your tweets and made me tired so I can imagine how you are feeling. Have a good fews days off!

See you in September!

Steve Lowe

Thanks for the show - it was real honor for my wife and I to be there. Yeah, it was hot outside, and only slightly cooler inside! But seeing you guys and experiencing your heart for our Lord made it worthwhile. Cry Out to Jesus was the highlight of the night for sure. After hearing Mac talk about how hard it is for him to get through the song sometimes, coupled with how much that song has touched people - I don't think there was a dry eye in the place.

The sound left a little to be desired - too much feedback and toward the back, it was pretty quiet.

Thanks again for a wonderful experience.

Kelly (Speedy Gomer)

It must be all the heat coming down from Green Bay right now :p But I won't get into that *wink*

Glad you boys had a great couple of shows! Next time do one in Tx! :)

Prayers still going out for David's family! Please keep us posted on his dad's condition!

God bless you guys!

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