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Looking forward to seeing you guys in D.C. this fall! Revelation is really awesome. My 9 year old son idolizes Mark and Tai. I won the VIP package for D.C. so hopefully I can meet you all and get a picture for little Ryan. I would love to meet Mac! He's brilliant!I'm excited! Third Day ROCKS!


Just purchased and downloaded ‘Revelation’ from Rhapsody. I am a relatively new fan though, and am getting caught up with (literally) the band’s other works. But the latest is really amazing. An old ex (but sometimes Praise Band fill-in) drummer, I have always known in my bones when certain music touches me – goose bumps! A very non-scientific approach, I realize, but you know that feeling when you hear a melody and the lyrics coming together as one, and you immediately feel the music going through you and touching your every fiber? Of course you do.

For me, the title track “Revelation” may be my fav. Being a husband and father, and working hard to be a Christian everyday, life can sometimes stress me out with the job, etc. But “I’ve got nothing without You” is a beautiful line that puts everything else into perspective. I get choked up listening to this song (in a good way!) I picture thousands of lighters being lit live – has this happened yet?

“Run to You” is a wonderful driving and pulse-pounding song that might be the next concert anthem. Its funny, Third Day asks the question, “Will you hold me in your arms forevermore?”, and we all know the answer is a resounding “Yes!”. But we like to ask God questions, right? The lines “Long before I even thought of returning; Your arms are wide open” are so perfect.

But I must admit, if its possible to wear out an MP3 (I’m old enough to have worn out cassettes), I’d have to buy “Call My Name” again. I’m a sucker for a number one hit! I loved reading and listening to the progression of the song on the band’s site from its 1997 origin to the final cut. I can’t wait to hear it live. I’d also love to hear more about the ideas and origins of other Revelation tracks.

But speaking of hearing Third Day live, I for now will have to consider convincing my wife and daughter to either head north to Sacramento or south to San Diego in September since we’re on the peninsula 45 miles south of San Francisco. I’ll need to hunt down the local venue promoters and do some marketing I guess!

But thank you Third Day for the awesome new album and strong Christ-centered messages throughout. I look forward to hearing more of your previous gems and staying current with the band. May God continue to bless you and your families plus all of those that work with you and support you every day. My He also keep you safe in your travels.

Teri A

I'm late, but I have a note for the teacher... I was camping in the wilderness on the 3rd and could not get internet!!! What was harder 40* or no internet... Anyway, I still wanted to post what a fab CD ya'll put out! Love it!!!!

chris elrod

Hey Guys and GALS,
Thought I would let everyone know that Third Day is on the cover and debuts at # 1 at www.cashboxmagazine.com. I love CASHBOX MAGAZINE. They are much better to navigate and seem more accurate than Billboad. Check it out.


Hi, I'm a 16 year old girl from Sweden.
I've just started to listen to you guys today, I saw the J.Leno show and you where in it.
I like your music alot, and I'm going to continue listen to you.
keep up the good work.

Big hug !

Kelly (Speedy Gomer)

Just letting you know I updated my post :) Revelation is selling like CRAZY here! Can't keep it on the shelves!


Revelation rocks!


What a great album. Hope to see them play live this month!


Better late than never, right? Still waiting on my pre-ordered copy...the mail man probably dreads seeing my house come into view with me waiting by the mail box ;o)


I did mine but it is more on a personal note not really Street Week material

Adam M.

I got my copy of Revelation last Wednesday in the mail. Love it! My favorite songs are Call My Name, Revelation and Run To You. Also, the song Ready is really cool because, of its different sound then the other Third Day songs. Give Love is another good example of that! Great Job on the album guys.

Steve Lowe

Ooo pick me, pick me!!



Joel Stapleton

i had already posted about the album and the busy week. after watching leno, i was proud to be an aspiring christian artist. as with everything else you guys do, this week was "class" all the way!


I posted my short review of Revelation.

Alli {Mrs. Fussypants}

I follow Mark & Stephanie on Twitter and I am a ig fan of Third Day. I couldn't help myself from making my own super-silly post about the band.

Blessings, Alli


Joe Tolley

2 for 2


I haven't joined the blogosphere, but will put the CD up on my facebook (i will need to get someone to show me--surprise surprise, i can be technically challened, despite living in Silicon Valley)


Well, at least I am blogging now. I can't say I did the Mr. Linky correctly or even know what it is for but I did go blog and it was about Third Day and now I am finally officially a blogger. Anyone who wants to show me how to enter the correct way would be greatly appreciated and also I need help making links. Is that the same as Mr. Linky? I guess someone could go ahead and give me a computer lesson while we are at it. http://orangesuedeshoes.blogspot.com/2008/08/it-is-third-day-of-august.html,
for the record.

Bernie Rosage Jr

It's been an exciting week for Third Day and Third Day fans... I share that excitement plus my own little version of "Kids say the darndest things" on my 3rd day for Third Day blog post. Congrats on the new baby Mark!


That's a cool picture on Brody's blog!

Dawnifer Gomer

What a great week it was! Lots of memorable moments! Now for the rest of '08 and beyond as Mac says: "Alright let's rock it!".


I forgot to comment a minute ago.


I have one word to say.......

REVELATION !!!!!!! WooHooooooo


Well, I don't think it would be fair if I participated again after winning te last one, so I'm not putting in a blog, but I will read the ones that are being put in.

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