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Loved seeing you on the Tonight Show. I'm glad to see that I wasn't the only one offended by the other guests. I thought that perhaps I'm just getting old...LOL! I don't watch much "regular" tv anymore, and was appalled that they would sink so low on network tv. Seeing Third Day was the only reason I even turned it on!


I loved your performance on the show, what an exciting opportunity! I was really embarrassed by the content of the show! Anyway.. cant wait to see you guys Aug 30 in Georgia...safe travels on your tour!
God Bless Always
ChristyLee from Fla.


Great job on Leno! What a shame the show's content was garbage. I was wondering if you were going to shake that dude's hand after all that junk he was talking about. GROSS! It looks like you did the Jesus thing though and welcomed him with love. I thank God for you guys and other great Christian bands that are talented and spreading the Gospel to the lost world too. Stay Focused as the Devil is very upset with you all!


Hey, I was at the taping lastnight! You guys did awesome ending the show on such a great note! PTL!! Thanks for hanging around for awhile to say HI to the group! BUT Mac..you disappeared!! GOD BLESS YOUR AMAZING, AMAZING ministry!! YOU ROCK!


The Tonight Show on July 29th was vulgar. Third Days performance was great. I wish they would have some how "Injected" more of Jesus, while performing. Maybe they should have just left before they were to appear on the show. Proves my disappointment in todays world and media. "Revelation" has begun ! Be ready ............


I chimed in immediately after the Leno show last night but now I'm checking out everyone's adds about the show. Fortunately I am well aware that the musical guest doesn't come out until the last 5 to 10 minutes of the show so that's when I tuned in. From what I'm reading in all of your blogs, I was blessed into missing all the filth and the foul. Yes, the devil is alive and well in LA, isn't he?


I saw the show too and was reminded why I do not normally watch late night tv! You definitely shined the light and I pray that some there were encouraged and saw something MORE than what was shown for the previous hour. Honestly...I thank God for saving me, or I'd still be stuck in that world!


Stayed up to see Leno last night - way worth it! Great job and great testimony!

Angie Adams

You guys were AWESOME on the Tonight Show last night! Your performance was definitely the bright spot of the show. I haven't watched The Tonight Show in years (can't stay up that late through the week due to work), and I was so disgusted and disturbed by how offensive the show was prior to your performance. I don't know if it's like that every night, or if Satan was just trying to cause a stink. How do you guys handle situations like that? You really shined His light last night, and He really shined it through you. My hubby couldn't stay awake to see it, but I told him this morning that it was just so cool because I could visibly see the difference between you guys and the others on the show. You all were just "glowing" and so joyful. It was awesome. I hope others saw that difference too and will seek Him. God bless!

You Rocked It

Thank you guys for bringing some class to the show last night. I was almost sick to my stomach watching those two interviews. I honestly can't remember the Tonight Show ever being so crude. You guys rocked and looked great. I vote to add another guitar player in the mix for live performances. Would love a fuller live sound especially after listening to the album.

God Bless


Saw you guys on the Tonight Show. Y'all were the only thing worth watching! The only thing that really bothered me was all of the crude and dirty jokes that were said before you performed. Did any of that bother you? How do you guys handle situations like that and still remain a strong light in a dark world?
Also, the song you performed was 'Call My Name' (AWESOME SONG!!), but did you have a chance to mention THE NAME-- Jesus -- that someone should call? Were you able to share that like when you were backstage?

Michelle Foster

Hey Tai,
I heard you talk to Mikey this morning on Rock 105.3 in San Diego! You guys talked about the 9 x 9 projection screen you have in your basement and the new duckhunt game. Mikey talks about you guys all the time on the air! Anyway, great job on Jay Leno, and hope you enjoyed the earthquake!!!

StacyJ in Montana

My husband and I just watched you on the Tonight Show. What a great performance!! Can't wait to see you live in Missoula next week!

Joy Fulton

I'm soooo sad. I was waiting to see your performance for weeks. I was telling everybody to watch it and everything. Then I had to work late and miss it. I'm bummed!! But you guys are Awesome!! God’s glory is definitely over you! I really enjoy all your songs. God bless you.


That was nice, my friends. Way to shine that light of His. {as Christie said}. My prayers are w/ you for the rest of your busy week.

Neilo Vitali

Hey Guys, It was great to see you on the show... I haven't keep up with you guys in a while, sorry... (I'm sure you don't remember me, I'm the photographer from Dayton, OH and I played congas with your buddy Chris at Apex) Any way, Where is Brad? I hope he is OK. His presence was missed tonight! It just wasn't the same without him. Please email me and let me know what's up, change can be difficult, I am praying for you guys, all of you have been so kind to me over the years, I appreciate you, Neilo

Christie Tubb

I loved seeing you guys on Leno I just wish they had had an interview, especially after all the trash talk they had tonight, but I know the Lord is using you guys to spead light in a dark day, Keep rocking and changing lives for Jesus, hugs and prayers, Christie


Praise be to God for such a great opportunity to reach out to a broken world! You guys did very well tonight!!

God bless you all!




watching you right now.
stumbled across your performance when I accidentally hit the remote button and went from Charlie Rose to the Tonight Show.
too cool.
God bless.


Awesome. Congrats on Leno & congrats to your family on new baby! You are having a great month.

twiter @fussypants


Leno just came on here in the Midwest and I just sent up a prayer for your nerves! lol
Seriously, I wish I could personally know and see how He uses ya'll tonight. God bless.
Rock on guys!! And have fun!


What an awesome opportunity! A christian rock band appearing on a main stream TV show such as The Tonight Show! You guys rock. Have a great time on the show tonight.


It's so awesome that you guys are performing on the Tonight Show! Frankly, it's a show that I usually don't care much to watch, but now I actually have a reason to! Praying that Christ will use all of you for his glory. God Bless!!

Bernie Rosage Jr

Rock the house tonight! It's my prayer that the people that don't know your band or the message are the ones most impressed and touched with your performance. May this special opportunity bless you, all the Third Day fans, and the American public!

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