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Will you post the video on your YouTube Channel so we can watch it over and over again?

G-man Gomer aka Chris

That is about the coolest news of the year. Play Otherside. LOL.


That is frickin' HUGE!!! Way to go!

Gotta go get Tivo programmed...


So excited for your guys 2nd Tonight Show appearance!

Was there for the first and will be there for the second with some of the original cheerleaders and couple of new ones. The Tonight Show 3D is like Diane said one of my favorite 3D memories!

You Guys Rock!

carol wagner

Hi You Guys, again:
Oops, I was so excited that you'd be in my "neck of the woods" so to speak, I was a little free in my speaking. Sorry. I am so excited, though. God Bless You! Praying for you, Carol Wagner

carol wagner

Hi You Guys!
Oh my gosh, I work 10-15 mins north of there, live a little further. I may have to be a fanatical fan and be waiting at the gate, waving and smiling as you drive thru. Or...I can be like the other three brothers/sisters in Christ and BE THERE! I'm going to say bye-for-now and see about getting tickets too! PRAISE BE TO GOD for HIS WORD being spread to the world! Love Ya! Congratulations! Carol Wagner

Karen ~Oibts~

Awesome Mark I will see you there I sent off for my tickets!


Just marked my calendar!
Looking forward to it.


Awesome! I remember whey Mac did "I See Love" with Bart and SCC on Leno. Looking forward to it. Maybe third Day could pay Letterman a visit or have a concert in NYC for the Today Show?


What great news! I can't wait.


Oh My GOSH! This Rocks! Awesome.....

Go ahead, concur the world.. It's about time!!!!

jesus loves me

Woo hoo! Congratulations guys. CANNOT WAIT!!!!!!!!!!!

Tom Soto

That's awesome! I live in So. Cal and never seen a Tonight Show live. Now I have the desire too! Just gotta get me some tickets.


Will be setting the TiVO. Who are the other guests? Will Ellen be there again?

Diane (Yippy)

Actually being there the last time you performed on the Tonight Show is one of my favorite 3D memories. We'll be there again & hopefully we'll be seated in the same spot we were last time - right in front of you guys!


I am so torn about July 29th. I teach first grade and LIVE for the summer, so I hate to "wish it away," but now there are 2 reasons I can't wait for July 29th!!!! (the cd AND The Tonight Show!)

I'll tell everyone I know! Wow!!!


AWESOME!!!!! :)

Emily aka EmmoGomer

Woooooooooooooow!!!! Wow, wow, wow!!!! :D Soooooooooo cool!!!


How cool Mark! Congrats to all you guys!!


Finally, T.V. worth watching! Congrats to all of you. This is huge! It's nothing short of incredible how God is using all of you in so many different areas to reach the lost for Jesus. Mark,you guys are history makers. Thanks for your faithfulness.


Awesome... imagine the impact that this one act may have on others that would not normally hear the message.


That is so cool! Sending out the texts as I speak...err type :)

Jason Bean

Excellent! Congratulations you guys! Way to go!

cool dad

SWEET! Looking forward to it!

Jamie M.

That's awesome!! Congratulations, Guys!!!

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