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I feel so honored I was at 2 of Dr Lee's shows.

One of my favorite all time Third Day memories that didn't make the list was during Rock the Universe on the Come Together Tour (I believe). I think there was a hurricane off in the gulf and storms were all around us. Just as the band started playing "When the Rain Comes" a light rain started coming down. Just enough to cool everything off and remind us of His presence there that night!

Dean Robertson

I have now seen two concerts and by far the best one for me is the show at Busch Gardens, Williamsburg. My wife and I went with our 3 year old son and it has been the highlight of his life so far. I did not think that he was going to remember very much but he can't stop singing ROCKSTAR!!! seeing him have a great time was even better than the front row seats we had.
Thank you so much for not only impacting my life but my son's as well.

Mama Gomer

I started to comment on this, and it got a little long for just a comment. So I blogged about it instead,complete with photos! Check it out here: http://gomertopia.typepad.com/new/2008/05/mark-lees-fav-t.html


My top Third Day shows

1 the first show I seen I don't remember the day but it was the night Rich Mullins passed away the band was opening for steven curtis chapman in nashville it was life changing yet sad but a night I'll never forget

2 At the old Starwood Toby Mac opened and came out with the band on I got a feeling and rocked some Jesus Freak with the band MY Sunday School kids freaked it was cool to watch how they responded to the show

3 Nashville Speed way I didn't know Brad had left the band It really showcased how great Mark is he never sounded better

Mark bring back the 72 Thinline and that classic salute at the end of the show I loved the way you'd hold that tele high and salute the fans thanks


The best concert I ever attended was Randy Stonehill at a local church here in California. Just him and a guitar for nearly two hours~great! Oh, and free. Second best was at Farragut High School in Knoxville, TN to see Rich Mullins. I think it was 1994. He was compelling and captivating. First time we saw you all was at SWC and have seen you many times over. Keep the good times rocking! Blessings~Julie

Adam Riggins

I have been to around 34 shows since 1994, and they have all ROCKED. I was at almost all of the "hometown" shows mentioned in #4, and the Strand shows were just CLASSIC.


Best Third Day show was London 2004. Cos that was when you played London for the 1st time!!! It was in the aftermath of Wire and it was just mental. I remember meeting you and in my effort to impress you I made a really really lame joke - I think you just looked at me! But it was definitely 2004 - not 2005!!




In no particular order...
1) June 8, 1996. New Orleans (Kenner), LA. First time to see you guys. It was a little event the Baptist youth ministers in New Orleans put together called "Hallapalooza" (held on a local softball field) and you guys headlined. Also on the bill: Black Eyed Sceva and Quest for Stones. We were hard pressed for a speaker, and Mac filled that role as well. The stage we rented had railings all the way around it and a very low tent topper... it was almost like having you on exhibit, and at the last minute somebody came up with a wrench and dismantled the railing that ran across the front of the stage. You guys drove up in the van, pulling a trailer, and loaded, set up and broke down all your own gear. We didn't know at the time what would become of you guys long term, but you rocked the place and had a CD out with a bus on it, and that was cool enough.

2)Not terribly long after that, you guys came to Denham Springs, LA and played in a school gym. Actually, the original date, you didn't show up because whoever did your booking somehow double-booked the date and you were somewhere in North Carolina. You guys came back and put on an incredible show... I had dragged along a couple of youth group kids that didn't come to Hallapalooza (what were they thinking!) and they were blown away, which made it a special night for me.

3)Dec. 16, 2007. Southaven, MS (Memphis) Christmas Offerings Tour. I had 15th row seats and thought it would never get any better for me. My wife's family insisted she attend a Christmas play at their church that night (even though I'd had the tix since October), and I actually went alone. But you saved Christmas for me, as I was burned out and bummed out.

4) March 12, 2008. Monroe, LA. It DID get better vantage-point wise. THIRD ROW CENTER! Except the tallest woman I've ever seen in my life was dead in front of me in the front row... and Brad was gone. But it was a very very cool show nonetheless.


Houston 2004 was my first show. My life has never been the same since... :)


I have to agree with #8. It's a little higher on my list at #1 (out of 9). There was definitely some magic in the air that night. I had not heard Thief on the Spring tour, so that was one of the highlights for me.

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