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I wish they would have auctioned you off Mac. I would have called in like Simon and bid big! How cool would that have been? We're coming to see you guys tonight and tomarrow in NY. Can't wait. Also got in on the Meet and Greet so I'll talk to you soon!!!!!


Aw, yes, glad I came here. Hubby recorded it, going to watch now.


I wudve watched it but i was busy..at the oklahoma show. Which was totally awesome btw!!!

Shelba M.

I also watched the two-hour show just to see who was going to be on. It was great seeing Mac and Aimee! I love you guys!

carol wagner

Hi Mac and Third Day:
I must REALLY LOVE Third Day to sit thru a Donald Trump reality show!!
I thought for a second maybe Third Day was playing the event.
It was GREAT seeing Mac on t.v. so many times. Mac, you are beautiful! You looked great!
God Bless! Carol Wagner


We saw Mac and his wife...we were wondering if they bid on anything?


Mac & Aimee both looked great. Hope they had a wonderful time. If they are like most couples with kids, that was a rare night out. I was pulling for Trace. He's quite funny! I did not see any other 3D guys there, but thought I spotted a guy who might have looked a little like Tai with longer hair. They made the BSB's look like high-maintenance guys. I loved Trace's line about performing and then having twelve inches of his colon removed in the same night. That's a real man right there!


Funny thing, I walked downstairs and the picture just happened to be frozen on the show! I looked on the boards and saw the thread about it, so I mentioned it to hubby and he cued it up to about 38 minutes into the show and we saw Mac and Aimee several times too!


I didn't see this blog entry until after we had already seen Mac twice, then Mac and Aimee. :)


Never watched the show before but thought I'd take a peek based on Mark's comment. Enjoyed playing "Find Third Day" bandmembers during the charity event. Definitely found Mac...did we miss anyone else?


Cool. Mac and his wife were right there in front. Hope y'all had fun.

Trace is hilarious!

Dawnifer Gomer

WOW! Do does BSB bring back some good memories! I saw two of their shows. I'll never forget them opening the show in space suits and flying in on surf boards for the "Millennium" tour. It was the coolest thing I had ever seen!


Have to admit - Mac's got game being at Donald Trump events!

Dawnifer Gomer

Ashamed to say it but I know which Backstreet Boy needed the black nail polish (AJ)!


Mac is everywhere...now if the BSB were replaced by Third Day it would be a complete night:-)


Looks like we'll see Mac several times, since he's seated right behind Pierce (or whatever his name is). Mac cleans up real nice :)


There Mac is again! hahaa!


I just saw Mac!


Hey, there's Mac!




Do you guys have wheat grass on your rider? Ha.


who? The Backstreet Boys?

carol wagner

Hi Mac and Third Day:
I'll definitely watch!
My daughter had fun on AMERICAN IDOL yesterday. I was there too!! Now, I am not a fan - I really don't ever watch it (sorry if I insulted anyone!), but for the sake of one of my sisters - who is a huge fan- I had to go! They filmed the pre-show (which is IDOL TONIGHT! on the TV GUIDE channel), and my daughter was smack in the center of the screen. My own family didn't see her, so I'm sure neither could anyone else.... We had fun though, a great experience.
So, the Lord put this on my heart: A PRAYER FOR YOU as you go to your next set of shows!
"The Lord bless you and keep you; the Lord make His face shine upon you and be gracious to you; the Lord turn His face toward you and give you peace."
God Bless You! Have Fun! I'm sure the shows will be GREAT!
Carol Wagner

Ali P.

Good thing I watch it every week with friends. We'll be keeping a eye out...


Oh come on...you can't do that!! LOL! Hey I heard that....:-)

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