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so, my wife noticed when we didn't see Brad in the xtreme conference poster. I was like, "what? he's not there, what's the deal?"

Guys what is the deal? You guys lead your own lives, but you kind of owe it to the fans, more than that, your bro's and sis' in Christ would like to know what's up?

you guys taught us in your worship projects that your music was about more than just the music....it was about "coming together" and worshiping the ONE who holds all this together.

Be real with us guys...we're big kids. Hey you know, if you brought Brad back then the comeback tour would be probably the largest ever.

why is he gone?


Sie sind ein unglaublicher Gitarrenspieler!


Brad...Que Deus te abençoe muito...você vai fazer muita falta no Third Day...vou sentir muitas saudades...fiquei muito triste com a notícia...Mas que Deus esteja sempre ao seu lado nessa nova fase de sua vida!!!
Você é muito especial...Saudades

Brasil - Paraná - Curitiba

Derek W.

As far as signs pointing toward a secular direction, I would like to bring up the fact that they are collaborating with Chris Daughtry on the new record. This is the guy who the world thought would win American Idol. Idol. Idol. What exactly is Christian about that show? I would never presume to call Mr. Daughtry's spirituality into question, don't get me wrong, because A: that's none of my business, and B: The guy's probably just as worried about working with a Christian band...

That said, it still concerns me, the band's "Separate paths." Yes, other bands have changed lineups, but after 13 years? Say what you will about Christian loyalty, but the bottom line is, people are fickle. And resistant to change. As for me, Brad was my "favorite," I guess, when I first started listening, but I quickly found fantastic musical qualities in all the band, although Brad did teach me how to use my wah pedal :)

Third Day is a very talented group. 15 years as a world-renowned musical group is a commendable run, and they have assured themselves as a staple of the history of Christian music. But even in the relatively new world of CCM, artists will wax and wane, come and go. dcTalk and Sonicflood come to mind. We all need to be mature enough to realize and accept this, and congratulate Third Day, and Brad, on their awesome careers -- and wish them the best of luck in keeping those careers going for as long as God wills them to go on!

Incidentally, if Brad really is pursuing "solo opportunities," then time will show that. After all, who doesn't love Brad? And who wouldn't run out and buy a Brad Avery (or band with Brad in it) CD? Certainly we all would (barring some unforeseen catastrophe). So, pray on, prayas, and keep lifting up everyone concerned -- Mac and the guys are definitely hurting right now, I'm sure, and so is Brad -- you just can't end something so good without feeling it a little :)

Much love, all you 3D peeps and fans!

Wendall V. Jasmer

What is your plan moving forward?
Will the keyboard player be the fifth? Are you actively pursuing a guitar player? Please tell Brad we will always appreciate his work in the ministry.


I'm sure the insiders have the real story. But they're either not telling or posting elsewhere. Maybe Sierra can update us with something she "heard."




I don't think it was Brad's decision. Notice that he was not even quoted once in the release. I think the band booted him. If he had done this willingly, I'm pretty sure he would have been quoted, saying he had decided to go the proverbial "solo-projects" route or work in another area of music or tend to a sickness in the family. The absence of that speaks volumes. And it doesn't appear that the band wrote this release. At least I hope not. It's very corporate and short on the kind of feelings that you'd think would be engendered after all this time.


I know that was a difficult decision. You will be missed.

Cindy (Lafayette,LA)

Will miss you dude! I am praying for you & the band in this time of transistion. I was sure glad I got to meet you and see you play at the Christmas concert in Houston (which was awesome by the way)for one last time with the guys. I will miss watching you jam. God bless, peace.

Gabriel Calderon

Brad has been an awesome member of the band and I am sad to see him go.But I will be praying for him and all the band members.

David Holley

Man, this hurts! I love all these guys, they are one of the reasons i'm involved in worship ministry. I recently saw Third Day in Decatur, AL, and knew something was wrong when Brad didnt walk on stage. I'll always be a Third Day fan, and I'll always be a fan of Brad Avery. I hope both entities are blessed and go strong for teh Lord!

Love all, Worship ONE!


I think the comments of going secular are distasteful at best and defamation of character at worst. Unless something like that is proven, it is horrible to say. There have been no signs to support even the mere thought of this, much less actually voice it.
We need to just pray for the Third Day, it's former members & it's future members.

In His Hands

You "heard" this? Think about this for a second. If it really were true, why would he leave the band during a tour? That would have been something they hashed out before this. And notice that the release does not say that Brad left the band. It says that "the time has come for us to follow our separate paths."
The thing that disappoints me is not that no reason was given, but that the release was so cold and clinical. After 13 years, you'd think that this development would merit more than a few paragraphs of non-descript, stilted platitudes.


SECULAR??? I heard this was because Brad was the only guy in the band who did not want to go secular, who wanted to still perform CHRISTIAN MUSIC. I believe it because I heard it from a reliable source. It makes me sad that you guys have become so worldly by trying to appeal to the WORLD.

joshe lorite camara

Q FUERTE!! q sera Third Day sin tiiii!! t exaremos de menos

Ails aka GomerAils

Just popped in to say that the pain felt when I first heard this news weeks ago is still quite raw but I don't feel that we have the right to criticise the rest of the band. Whatever the reasons regarding dear Brads' departure from 3D we should as true 3D fans be pulling together to support them as after all it is they who will be feeling the loss much greater than us, they hung out with the guy for years.They must be worried about sales etc and how fans are going to react. Granted the band are going to sound different without our Brad playing but different doesn't always mean bad. If we are the true, loyal fans that we say we are we need to stop idle chit chatting until we know the absolute truth behind Brads' departure. I am still so sad and numb, it's almost as if someone has stolen a treasured personal posession from me.I cannot see and would not like to see Brad join another band and if there was any way in the world that he would return to 3D man alive what a celebration that would cause but sadly it doesn't look like this will happen either. Mac, Tai, Mark and David (not forgetting Scotty) you guys have always been and will continue to be my favourite band in the world ever and Brad I love you like you were one of my own family. Bless you and Mindy and your family and all the very best for whatever God has for your future. Lovin u guys. Peace.....out!!


Oh my...I was saddened to hear the news. I always loved Brad and his sweet Les Paul and Flying V guitars. Consuming Fire just won't be the same without him. I wish him all the best though and look forward to hearing his solo work. God bless you guys!

Matt A

woah...hard to believe! Thanks for your contribution over the years Brad! i feel fortunate to catch third day twice in Dublin. I look forward to what God has in store

Nell May Morgan aka BandBeanieMaMa

Hello Third Day and Brad! I am praying for ALL of You and Brad! I hope Brad that your Daughter's all liked their Beanie Hat's that I made for them! I was saddened to here of your leaving Third Day Brad but please know I will be keeping you and your Family and Third Day in prayer and HOPE that someday I will see you again! God's Blessing to ALL of THIRD DAY! Band Beanie Mama aka Nell May Morgan! Thank You for the years of your playing YOU "ALL" ARE AWESOME!!

Anna Dupree

You guys rock, and it totally blows that Brad is leaving. By the way, how do I get the lyrics to "When the Rain Comes?"


WOW!! I can't believe it! Brad was such a big part of the sound of TD that I don't know how that's going to be filled? My friend and fellow Gomer told me of the news last night at church and It blew me away! I know God has great plans for both Brad and TD and I wish all of you the very best. I'll be at the Raytown show the 28th. Man it's going to be different not seeing Brad on the stage with you guys! In Christ,
PS I will be watching along with everyone else for great things to come from Brad what ever he decides to do!

Handsome Rob

By the way how much for the Brad bobble head?

Handsome Rob

It's none of our business what happened that is between God, 3D, and Brad if any of them want us to know it will be revealed. It is however our duty as christians to pray and continue to pray for all involved. GOD BLESS! Mac,Mark,Tai,David,and especially Brad. In Christ Handsome Rob


Who wants to buy my Brad Avery bobble head???

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