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Oh boy. I seriously am still so happy that you guys made it out here. It's been a week, and I'm still really super excited. My little 12-yr-old brother made a commitment to God that night, and I'm so extremely happy! Especially since I basically dragged him to your concert. I keep thinking that it wouldn't have happened if I had given up. God was working that night, and all through the week before.
And then... AND THEN!! You played Consuming Fire! First song that ever stuck in my head! Seriously! I don't think a song has ever had that much impact in my life as when I first heard that song in a Grade 6 chapel at my school. I think the only downside would have to be that I lost my Third Day eagle necklace today at the beach after only a week... *blush*
Seriously though, come back soon!! We love you guys!! We'll be better at the sweet tea this time around!

Jaret from Winnipeg

Great show in Wpg. Glad to hear Consuming Fire - first 3rd Day song I ever heard.

I think my wife and I were the only ones at the MTS Centre that got Mac's "sweet tea" reference, having just been south on vacation... would love to have you back.


I'm glad Winnipeg was able to experice an awesome Third Day Show! Still waiting for dates to be announced in Toronto!


YOUR ROcKED OUT SOCKS OFF!!!!! seroiulsy the concert was amazing and movie...mac you winked my my friend and she is still rubbing it in my face. but yes, it was really powerful and we are soo thankful you came up this way!!


THIRD DAY WAS AMAZING IN WINNIPEG!!! They totally rocked, everyone here was just counting down the days till the show. They NEED to come back soon!! I'm gonna still be pumped by the time summers over! They played awesome songs, but next time they have to play Show me your Glory! They were the greatest concert I've ever been to and I can't wait till they come back!


THIRD DAY ROCKED IN WINNIPEG!!!! Seriously, we were so excited they finally came (no one really believed they were actually coming to Winnipeg!!)and all of us Gomers are holding Mac to his word that they'll come back. I'm still pumped three days later! I'm looking forward to the next show so we can hear even more tunes (especially Show Me Your Glory and Thief!!). Till next time!


Wow, New Hampshire was THAT unmentionable? :-( Oh well, it was fun for us anyway.

Patty From Winnipeg

You rocked our city! I wanted to know how I could try out for the back up vocals? I am a 25 yr old aboriginal christian woman and would love to try it out! When, where and how could I arrange this?


I can't wait to hear that song, either... Manchester to Manitoba via Chicago.

Pasta la vista, baby. ;)

See what sleep deprivation does to me?

Seriously, it sounds like it was a great place, great time and blessed. It's good to hear. Looking forward to Sept. here now.

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