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Not sure if this will get results in time but...I'm the sign-language interpreter working the Rock The Universe Concert in Orlando. I've been following the set lists from recent shows as they post...just checking to see if there will be any major changes for the Orlando show? Wanna be as prepared as possible!
Thanks :)


Ahhhh... would have loved to hear the piano piece. I met Nassar's kids on the ship and they are awesome. :)

Sounds like a wonderful evening. I hope J.D. finally found Mac.



What? I wanted to hear ya'll play Sweet Home Alabama! Not fair!

Hope you have a great week!!

(Psst~ I just watched "Joshua" for the first time. It felt so weird to NOT hear Mac talking into the microphone! You guys looked like you were having so much fun up there! Pretty sweet!)


Sounds like it was a very special night, especially if Sweet Home Alabama was played! We'll be praying for a restful two weeks off! Enjoy getting to know your families again (at least for a little while)

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