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Dion Simte

Third Day - You don't need to sell your equipment, you guys are SO awesome...

Two bands, two loves.... U2 and Third Day..

40 - "I waited patiently for the Lord".... He FOUND ME AT A U2 CONCERT IN 1992!!!


You are so on your way to passing U2. Don't let Satan play those games with your head!! Puh-lezzzz!


Methinks you'd be giving them a run for their money... stay in the game. You are much loved.

God's blessings,


Don't sell your equipment. There are thousands of us if not millions who think you are way more important in the scheme of things than U2....I am also a Third Day addict but because you guys always give me the feeling you know the walk as well as the talk. I am going to Rock the Light this weekend and that was where I saw you for first time last year. It will not be the same without Third Day but it will be blessed just the same. So no more talk about selling guitars ...The Lord blessed all of you with different talents and I appreciate all of them and thank the Lord for you guys.....

Robin Burke

Hey guys, Vertigo is great, but aren't you supposed to be watching Spinal Tap while you're on the road? Glad to hear the shows are going so well for you. We're counting down the days till you come back to the Pheonix area.

Turn it up to 11 because 11 is louder than 10. Robin


Life on the road. Speaking of roads, I had dinner last night with one of your old tour-mates...Warren Barfield. He played a show down here on St. Simon's Island...really cool guy. Hope Alabama treated you well!


gosh i hope tai isnt growing that hair style that starts w/ a M again...


Que pasa? Tai looks very excited...
Hope you had a great time!
(I didn't take French...I took Latin....Fortuno te Deus) or Dutch (De god zegent u)

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