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Awesome concert in Clarkston, MI. Four of us drove 5 hours from Ontario,Canada and enjoyed every minute of the show...rocking! Any plans to do a show in Ontario,Canada?


I just read about the Jars of Clay cd tonight.. strangely enough. I think it's called "Good Monsters" or something like that. I will probably preorder it.


Shows from the summer? What about Greensboro, hint, hint;)

Ok, this is probably the blogging equivalent of talking to you onstage, so I'll shut up now.:o;)

Glad you had a great show


Absolutely AMAZING show last night guys. We drove up 2.5 hours from east of Toledo, OH to see a great lineup of 3 great (dare I say legendary?) Christian bands. You guys did NOT disappoint!! Thief was a standout for sure. The new stuff all rocked too. Loved how you got us all jumping around, holding hands, and the cell phone moment was really cool.

Thanks for sharing your ministry of music!

I posted some photos of the show (all three bands) on my personal site. http://www.pepperguy.com/gallery2/v/dteconcert/

Hope you're all cool with that.

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