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Wendall V. Jasmer

What? Why no Sothern California dates?

Kristiaan Schouten

Hi! I am a bige fan of Third Day. I come from The Netherlands, so my english isn't very good. I play guitar and piano in a praise/worship band. I love your site..!
God bless you all!



Poor guy. The pressure is on. Someone should really help him with this project.


Mark...your 48 hours is up... :)

I love Nigel's blog!!!

See you soon again! Hope things get less crazy for you!


Thanks!!! Just do what you can.


Don't you fear. Despite my slack ways as of late (actually to be fair, it's been a tad crazy around here lately!), I haven't neglected this wonderful piece of cyber real estate.

Look for some more updates in the next 48 hours or so.


I am so glad to see a blog entry here. I know it takes some work but I was getting into the habit of getting up every morning and checking the blog just like I used to check the baseball scores. Send more when you can.

Off to check Nigel's blog!!


what's up guys! how are you??!

hey guys....I know you read this but sometimes you dont want to answer hehehe....

please...if someone can answer, do this! Will you come to Brazil some time?????


God bless you all!!!!

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