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I had tons of fun, even though I got sick. I blame Bari. But anyway, thanks for the opportunity. It was definitely a great thing to be a part of. Like Traci said, it changed my life.

And by the way, the OK Cafe was really good--I had some fried cheese grits and let me tell you if I lived down there, I would get them all the time. It was more than "ok".;)

Thanks for a great weekend.

Diane (Yip)

FYI, Blackbird was a get-up-and-stretch moment. More like a get-up-and-rock moment. I don't think you'll be seeing it on the Christmas album... ;)

I echo Mama Gomer. I was amazed. It's good being a Third Day fan.


Dost mine eyes deceive me!?

I see no O Holy Night listed! :o


Thank you guys so much for allowing us to be a part of this! I was sitting in the audience and a thought came to me so I wrote it down and gave it to you, it blessed me to think of all the people that I know that would apply to, but I hope it blessed you too!


Sounds like fun. I can't wait, actually I can (I don't have much choice).


Truly a dream come true. I told Brad that I had always wanted to see the guys record live, and it actually happened. He could hardly believe that I felt that way. Just goes to show how humble each of the guys are. Thank you for being the real deal day in - day out, and for your kindness to us! (And for caring about people you don't know at all... like me :) I drove back to Rockford, IL on Cloud 9 1/2!

Mama Gomer

I just kept thinking, "We're in the studio recording a CD with Third Day." It was one of those "pinch me, I must be dreaming" moments. But then, I feel like that a lot. I'm constantly amazed at the things Third Day does for their fans. They are awesome! :)


Even though it was hot in there, it was definitely one COOL nite! It was another one of those great times to paste into the Third Day memory book.

Merry Thanks to all you guys for doing what you do for us and keeping this Gomer family together..



I'm so glad to hear that it went well. Some day I'd love to visit that part of the country.

I will have to wait for the cd, though, because I am trying to come up with a "christmassy" image for "Blackbird" and haven't really been able to yet. I love Christmas music that is Christ-centered, though, so it will be a welcome addition to my collection.

Marjan VandenBrink

Dear Guys,

I thought about you last night. I am looking forward to when the cd is coming out. I really like your song selection. I wish I could have been there last night, but you were in my prayers. Love Marjan


What a night! It chaned my life! ;) ;)


What a night! It changed my life.


I posted a thread on the boards wondering how that went and I got so many replies!! I guess you sure made many, many people's days (if not months!!) Thanks for recording a Christmas album!! I seriously cannot wait! It is gonna be best thing ever!!!!!!!
I heard the mini interview you did with Tracy! That was really cool!! Thanks again!! Wish I was there!!


Thanks for being so nice to all your crazy fans. I am sorry I missed this night of fun. Cant wait to buy the album for everyone I know! Merry Christmas! ANd since Jesus was actually born in the fall, do ya think you can release it early???????????????????????


I can't wait for this album!! release day - anyway it can be out before thanksgiving (and my birthday ;) ) But having a 3D album is gonna be awesome and I'm happy you guys've got Silent Night and Away in a Manger 'cause I was hoping for those. I'm sure it's gonna be amazing!

Karen (sherwood01)

>> "Blackbird!!?? COOL!" - kiwimobro <<

Isn't that part of the "12 Days of Christmas", ie:

"Three french toasts, two turtlenecks, and a Blackbird in a pear tree..." ? :D :D :D

Sounds like a good time was had by all yesterday. Wish I could have been there; would have been much more fun than being surrounded by all those Sabres fans after losing game 1 of the ECFs yesterday. Ouch.

So when is the Christmas album coming out? Please release it in enough time to get much play THIS year. (last time I bought new Christmas CDs, they came in three days before Christmas, and I hardly had time to hear them before it was time to box them up and put them away until the next year.)

Can't wait to hear it. :)


It is so cool that you had a familiar crowd there. Though it was impossible for me to attend I am still blown away by the band's continued generosity to the fans.

I can't wait for this album! I have to admit, as a rule I almost loathe Christmas music. (I was typing that in the character of Jim Carrey's The Grinch)

Why? Two reasons. One is because I see no reason for radio stations to play nothing but Christmas music between Thanksgiving and Christmas. Another reason is that the music industry is saturated by Christmas albums that have nothing to do with the real meaning of Christmas. So when the real deal comes along I am thrilled.

Thanks for the update!


Blackbird!!?? COOL!

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