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In Philly, a local talk show host holds a book club occasionally. He uses the same quote..."what happens in Book Club - stays in Book Club"

Great idea



well, first time here, and i sure like third day just one question, but ill ask the question qhen ive found out some more and done some research, blessings


You're right about the rule, when it comes to blogging, but don't worry Brody I'll never stop blogging with you guys!Not until I die! Hopefully that won't be for a long time!lol. If any thing happens I'll have my twin sister let you know.


It can come in audio if you want!I"m not sure how It'll work, but I'm sure we can work something out if need be, right? I'm so glad I finally took the time to look at this website. You guys are the best! I've been to alot of websites but I finnaly had the guts to check this one out! I'll never regret my decision.


Does it come in audio? hehehe


Good point Keara. This blog is pretty lame anymore.


First rule of Blogging: Keep Blogging


That's a great and brilliant idea! I wish I would have thought about it.


I think I just ordered that book. If I get it before June is over, I will try to participate. It may even be here, but I have to get down to the P.O. to check my box.


This book is fantastic!


Sweet, I actually have that book already. Maybe this is a challenge to actually read it now:-)


Whoops... I meant "AN" autobiography...


They should totally make a book about peanut butter. Perhaps a autobiography... because who doesn't want to know a good 1st person story about peanut butter?

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