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September 04, 2008


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11 days later, you are still correct. :)

Here is what I find fascinating, is that Sarah Palin delivered her speech so well, without any hesitation, perfectly prepared for the moment, the media had to do something to distract, since Sarah herself did't make any visible mistakes. They had nothing else to use...

Dan Gross

I don't think I'd interpret it as much sexism as much as a jab at her inexperience. This was, by far the biggest speech of her career, and her first time in the "National Spotlight." That, and she had a lot less time to put it together than the other speakers. Unfair? Perhaps. Sexist? I really don't think so.

DebTurcott (formerly  DebTJ)

I am getting to the point where I am careful about what I read- SO MUCH NEGATIVITY. Seems like the media are very one sided this year. I am impressed with Sarah Palin- she gave one outstanding speech.


Spot on. Clearly they would not be making the digs if they felt secure.

She's smart, direct and can deflect the demo dummy's smack right back at them with a smile on her face.

What is comical is how they keep comparing Palin to Obama, instead of McCain vs Obama and Palin vs Biden? They really expose how foolish they really are. I believe her debate with Biden will be her chewing him up and spitting it out with a smile saying Next?

She's my kind of woman! McCain - Palin is the TICKET!!!!!

Mandy Boone

Hey Tai, Your interpretation of the Palin coverage is spot on. The opposition is shakin' in their shoes which is why things will probably be extra difficult on Palin over the coming weeks. They will try anything to diminish her as a worthy opponent. My husband & I are novice political junkies and will be praying for our country's potential leadership.


Remember, Tai, that the Enemy works hard to attack those with a Godly Vision.
Your observation has exposed the Enemy. Pray for her, & others in her situation; then you will see the Lord use this to His benefit and bring Justice.
High 5 to you Brother for speaking out as you have...and High 5 to Shannon too.
God bless you
Hugs and love.

Joel Stapleton

yes, absolutely...and the democrats released their "statement" about her speech and immediately brought up who the speechwriter was and that he also helped bush write thereby connecting her to bush.

it was very aggravating.

i thought she hit a home run with her speech.

Jacki - Lexington KY

Yes, I caught those remarks too. It was sexism, whether intentional or unintentional. Same explanation goes for why the media is questioning whether she’ll be able to hold down the VP job while raising a family, and Reid referring to her remarks as “shrill”. The family/work situation has not been an issue for any other candidate, and I’ve never heard that adjective being used in reference to a male.

Because she doesn’t fit the liberal feminist definition, the left wing media will continue its attempts to bring her down in one way or another, and as a result her appeal will increase to even more voters. If her speech last night was a true reflection of her character and ability, which I believe it was, she’ll come through these last two months even stronger than she is now. Having watched both the DNC and the RNC, it was almost comical to see the difference in reactions of some of the media pundits. Last night, one would have thought Obama had already lost.

Whatever happens, give McCain his due for his choice of running mate. The pot has been stirred, or should I say whipped up, and I know I'm especially looking forward to the VP debate.

Bernie Rosage Jr.

Tai... I think you and your wife made a solid observation... my wife and I felt the same way.


Yep, caught that also. We can't wait for the debates as well.

BTW: I have 5 kids. And after hearing her talk about her background last night and her accomplishments, I feel like I should be doing more in my day! :o)


The content of the speech is one thing. The delivery is what made it come alive. SP hit it out of the yard. She had me at "to the families of special needs children"


i was wondering if anyone else was picking up on this as well. i noticed it and, frankly, was angered by it. while i know that she has writers helping her craft her words, she delivered them beautifully and convinced me that this is who she is. i personally feel that palin is going to take much more heat for things that she says, does, and who she is simply because of the fact that she is a woman (and this is unchartered territory). i don't want it to be this way, but, since she is shaking things up so much, it will be.


Have you caught the comments about how Mrs. Palin will manage to care for her children (Pointedly a pregnant teen and a special needs child) while in office? No one has questioned what kind of impact the elected position would have on Obama's ability to be a dad.

Sarah Fine

Hi Tai
Right on about Sarah Palin' speech. Most people still go over the speech and approve the content and even help write the speech. by the way wonder if she had telepromter. They're main stream media will do anything to discredit her. All we can do is keep praying because after all GOD's the real one in charge. You and your family have great day. A Sister in CHRIST Keep rockin for the LORD Love Sarah :]


Nice catch. Most of the media are liberal in thier own political thinking. The problem is not that Palin is a woman; it is that she is a "conservative" woman. They are for feminism so long as they get to define it. Just like they are for choice so long as you make hte choice they want you to make. Palin has made the wrong choice, so she obviously is either unintelligent or controlled by someone else. The media cannot understand why any woman would choose to be conservative. So yes, it was sexist.


Yes, I noticed that as well. Also, this morning with the buzz of it at work there are people who are pointing out that she had a speech writer to me when I have commented on how sharp as a tack I think she was last night. I quickly reminded them that all have speech writers. Funny how people are so quick to use things in their convienient ways to suit themselves. I think personally it's all about bias & sexism. Just my take on it! :)


ABSOLUTELY!!!! Randy & I were watching and were happy when Brit Hume spoke up and said.."Why are you raising that point with her and not the others? They ALL have speech writers."
I'm sure we will continue to see her get slammed because the opposition knows they are in big trouble. We can't wait to watch the debates. I am so proud of her. She couldn't have done a better job!!

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