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August 26, 2008


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Hi Tai:
So sorry, Eli is sooo cute. We have had a few broken bones with our children as well. He will need the royal treatment! I'm sure he gets it anyways. Glad your okay Eli. God bless to you and your Dad and Mom. Will pray for a speedy recovery


Aww, Eli is SO cute! I hope he gets better soon but slows down! :) Is like 4 or 5? I have an almost-4-year-old brother - too cute! ;)


Hope he's feeling better by now.


So sorry Eli! Our oldest did that too and I think it was really only a day or so until he was back at it full force! Hope Eli's heals quickly too. Good daddy to remind him of his true Healer!


Hey, he looks kinda like the kid on the cover of Contagious. If I'm not mistaken, I guess that would be his uncle.:)

Karin Rivest

Hey Tai, so sorry about Eli. There's another brace out there for fractured a clavicle. It's figure 8 style, that holds the 2 clavicles in better position, it loops around both shoulders (under the armpits) then joins between the shoulder blades in the back. May want a second opinion by a pediatric orthopedic surgeon to make sure he's in the right thing. I have a background in Sports Medicine and just want to make you aware of what's out there, sometimes (especially with kids) we feel so helpless in the medical field. We'll be praying for you all! In Christ, Karin

nattie-mac gomer

I broke my collar bone right before we went on Christmas vacation when I was little. I fell out of my bed backwards and upside down. Mom said that I didn't cry at all... I don't think I believe her!


Awww, poor guy. I'm glad you were home with him. I feel so bad for you guys being on the road away from your families. My wife and I lived 3 1/2 hours apart for a year and half while she trained for a new job. That was rough. Weekends would just start to get your heart healed from being apart. Plus, you'd just start to get back in the rythym of how one another did things. Then the weekend would be over and your heart was ripped out again. It sux'd big time.

I pray for you and your families. Thanks for all you do for God and your fans!


Awwww. Isn't it hard on the parents when your kids get hurt? He's adorable - I'll say a little prayer that he heals fast.


You are such a fantastic Daddy, Tai!
Wow! I hope Shannon is ok. A Mamma seeing her baby hurt is one of the worst emotional pains, ever.

I am simply amazed at the Peace that you have. Jesus is certainly working in your life!
May the Lord continue to bless you and heal Eli super fast!

Much love, hugs and prayers,
AKA Godgrl Gomer

Anita akagomer

What a cutie pie and very "grown up"looking after his exciting day! As a mother of two whose husband always travels, I am glad that you were home for Shannon & Eli. Murphy's law being as it is, it seems like things like this always happen when Daddy is out of town. Kudos to you for being on your toes with the "God fixes us" insight for Eli!

Jackie Bryant

Aw...poor little sweetheart. He sure is a cutie! I can tell he's putting up a good front. His mouth is smiling, but his eyes aren't. I'm praying for a speedy recovery for Eli. Somebody's gotta keep you on your toes. I'm suspecting he's just the boy to do it. :-)


aw... I know he's getting lots of boo-boo kisses! And I know what you mean about limiting the daily damage... I had one that was nearly unstoppable myself! Never broke anything (bodily, just everything else!), but had sprains and stitches several times!

My husband tried playing that sympathy card when he snapped his collar bone our last day of vacation in Nags Head, trying to teach our son how to body surf! Wonder who learned more?

Okay, yeah... I did give him a lot of sympathy kisses, especially since he had to have surgery on his.


Hey Tai,

What an ADORABLE little guy you have...bless his sweet heart! Kids definately are pretty resilient to these things and he'll be bouncing around again in no time!

AWESOME show and Meet & Greet in Chicago Saturday night!! My husband and I had a blast together (without the kids) and he thought it was pretty cool that he got to meet "MY" band! :) He took a great picture of you when I was talking to y'all (check out my Gomer gallery).
Nigel and his family sat right in front of us so that was an added perk too! There is no doubt in my mind that the Lord used you guys to work in the hearts of many people that night! May He continue to bless your ministry!!!

Love you guys!
Jessica (Jesslinjones Gomer)


I hope Eli isn't hurting too much. He is soooooo cute.


What an adorable young man you have there! :) Hopefully he'll be healing quickly. Loved your story. "God fixes" us all doesn't he? How great of a Dad I bet you are! And how blessed you are with such a family!


Broke mine at age 3! Had these weirdo looking things that looked like ultra-padded suspenders I had to wear! His sling is kewl! At 4, my Eli had to have his "nursemaid's elbow" reset manually (OW!) on Mother's day and then got 9 stitches the second day of pre-K. Boys! See y'all Saturday! Hope none of us get hurt before 6:30!


he is soooo cute in his little sling! my brother broke his collar bone too many times to count when he was a child. love the "God fixes you" explanation too....very sweet.

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