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August 29, 2008


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Was the West Palm Beach concert cancelled because of the hurricanes? If so, I totally understand--sorry for my ignorance. I haven't been following the news very closely lately.
Dude, Reagan's still in office, right? Or is it Carter?
Just kidding.....
Sort of.


The West Palm Beach concert was cancelled??!! WHY?!! It would be so awesome if you could do a concert in Florida--especially in South Florida! Have you guys ever done a concert in Miami? (besides the Music Boat thing back in 2007. Would that one really count? Because you were on a boat that was sailing awaaay from Miami)I have been a Third Day fan for over 10 years and I have been absolutely dying to see you guys in concert!!
P.S. Hope Mackenzie gets a part in the musical! It is so much fun being in school plays!


hey, you guys rock. just wondering, who taught you how to play?

Marmoo 68 aka Mary

Hope you enjoy your much deserved day of sleep. That is what I plan to do too!!! LOL!!!! God Bless you Tai!! See you in Virginia Beach on Sept 12th!!

Mandy Boone

Hello from exciting TITLETOWN USA!!! We are equally excited about seeing you guys at Wild Adventures tomorrow night. My 11 year old son, Austin, & I have been listening to Revelation...and we LOVE it! Hard to pick a favorite track, but I'm leaning toward 'Slow Down'...as a mother of three, & back in college, I can relate. I pray for traveling mercies as ya'll head this way.


WHOA! Well Tai, that's quite a packed weekend you've got ahead of you. Hope you guys are able to have fun & enjoy yourself in there! ;)


Praying for safety and stamina throughout all your travels and activities... also for good weather! Enjoy your much deserved holiday when you get back home.

Anita akagomer

It truly will be a LABOR Day weekend! Hope you and your family enjoy it. Here's a BIG ROLLLLLLLLLL, TIDE, ROLL for your Saturday watching festivities!!!! My husband and I are Bama Alumni. This should be a big game this weekend. Rock and ROLLLL on!


Hey Tai this is my first posting. I am a happily married mom of two that was SOOOO looking forward to seeing you guys for the first time in west palm beach, fl. We live about 6 hours away from there, but were really looking forward to driving by ourselves for the first time since our oldest was 8months old (now 5 years old).
I was so bummed to hear the concert was cancelled. Could you possibly tell me if you guys will be in Florida again this year?
Thank you so much!! Many blessings to you guys..

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