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August 25, 2008


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Issi sounds like

Hay, I’m in the Chaplain Corp. Army stile; I just wanted to encourage you. Keep serving the Lord. I have just started seminary full time; this is my 8th year of school, and 4th collage I’ve attended. The call to ministry can become blurred after doing something for so long. My first Christian CD was “Conspiracy Theory” in 1998. I was 19 years old and I had just dedicated life to serving the Lord. This is my tenth year of serving the Lord and there has been ups and down, but I am still walking the narrow path. Keep being faithful.



Tai, you guys really need to work in "Let Me Love You". It's one of the best songs on the whole CD. I'd hate to see it be one of those songs that ends up just never making it into a live show. Oh well, if not now, maybe on the Revelation tour.


You mean Taco Bell? :)


I hope you get your Mexican on, Tai. Sounds really good right now :)

Heather Redmore

Hi there!
My husband and I enjoyed the chicago show very much! While Jars of Clay was signing autographs we saw you walking around. I didn't hollar at you because you were able to walk around without being ambushed and I didn't want to ruin that for you. But, if I had talked to you, I would have told you that Third Day's music is an amazing ministry to my husband and myself. We hear God speaking to us in the Revelation album. Thank you.


Susie Bass

Thank you so much for coming to give us a concert in Denver! It was a difficult few months for me and God opened a door for me to have that day off to go to your concert. He truly blesses me with your music and I have shared it with friends going through the same difficult times. I pray for all of you and your kind spirits that are reaching so many people. You've got another gomer on board.

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