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August 14, 2008


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That’s good that we are able to get such pretty things here and it opens completely new chances for us.


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Hey...now that Mark is accepting your challenge, we have a showdown. No..a hoedown. Better yet...dare I say a "Nuclear Hoedown"? lol... ;)


Cool video, Tai! That was fun to watch!
Nice goin' on the mandolin! Sweet! It sounded GOOD! :D


Hey Tai (already responded once but...) YEA! It appears according to Mark's most recent twitter report...challenge accepted! It's on! :)


You've got an awesome "guitar face." (mandolin face?)

I'm hoping I get to see the mandolin and banjo on the tour... that would be awesome. :D


Bravo, Tai! Give Love is ONE of my favorites on Revelation. I love the banjo on the cd. I hope when I see you guys in DC Sept.14th that you'll play Give Love and add the mandolin and banjo! That would be awesome!

Thanks for sharing!


YES... where's the BANJO video, Mr. TECHNO-LEE? Great job, Tai... and BEAUTIFUL little mandolin!

Sally Smith

We are counting down the days until Friday, 8-22 for your concert in Indianapolis. Your new album is totally awesome. Thank you for your ministry and your witness. Would like to request the song Mountain of God when you are in Indianapolis. The song has touched my daughter Katelyn's life in big ways and brought her out of a dark time in her life. She would be extremely pumped if you included it in your songset in Indy.
God bless you all, continue to be His hands and feet!


well isnt mark the back-up david?? so mark should be practicing drums... and mac is the back-up mark right? so mac needs to be working on those solos and slides... and we (the audience) will be practicing the singing for mac :)


Hey pretty good. How about disclosing chords for verse and chorus, or is that a no no.

Dan Gross

Way to lay that gauntlet down! I see Mark has twittered about his studio being finished, though I think you have a point...if he could do it all on his iPhone he'd probably have it up by now...

Any chance you guys will be doing Stonehenge now? J/K


Great idea, Tai! I believe Mark must take up the gauntlet and accept the challenge. Will there be a YouTube video for the ITunes show? I can see "Forgotten Friend" being a great acoustic song.


i think that mark should take the challenge. i am not sure if he can do it . that was great you rock bro.P.S come to canada soon PLEASE.will you ever do (take it all) LIVE because i LOVE it. SAY HI TO MAC POWELL for me

Marmoo 68 aka Mary

Hey Tai! Thanks for sharing the vid of your practice session. You are doing great. I love a mandolin. Of course I have had quite a bit of exposure to the instrument growing up in the shadow of the Blue Ridge Mts. here in Virginia. Hope to hear you on the mandolin live on Sept 12th in Virginia Beach. I think it would be so neat for you guys to "shake up the instrumentation" for this tour. Go for it!! So, I am waiting for the vid of Mark on banjo!!!

John @ JFH

haha Fantastic bro! Loved it. I expect to see you rockin the mandolin on the tour ;)


You are a man of many talents, Tai:)

Joel Stapleton

nice pickin' and even nicer faces...not the first time i've noticed you doing that...i'm guilty of that myself.

carol wagner

Hi Tai:
THAT WAS GREAT!!! One of my favorite songs!!
Mark DEFINITELY should take the challenge!! Have a GREAT TIME at the iTunes Event!! God Bless You Guys! Carol Wagner


Cool! and great job man. I like the introduction of new instruments. Maybe y'all could film a dueling mandolin video too. Just for a laugh.

Nathaniel Gomer

Ha. That was great. You guys should definitely switch it up for the shows. It would be amazing if Mark did banjo.

Candace & Emma

Tai, The little redhead & I agree.... that was SWEET! Bring it on, Mark! She wondered if you had a big house when you offered to take her and her twin brother home from Columbus. She likes your study! :>
See in on the 30th! Hope to see the mandolin!


That was wicked cool! I love it. Definitely challenge Mark on this. I don't think he'll be as good on the banjo as you are on the mandolin!


That was awesome Tai! Way to go ~ I love it! Now the pressure's on Mark! Can't wait to see how you guys switch it up when you are here in Dallas for the Music Builds Tour on Oct. 2!


My uncle used to play the mandolin. I just love the sound of it. Would be great to hear the banjo too!

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