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can t wait to see u guys in concert this will be my first time going 2 one of these im goin 2 be with my brother and my church i really want to meet you guys

Bummer! Gonna miss this as we have a camping trip planned this weekend.

Great seeing ya'll in Bossier City. Worth the trip from Corpus! Top it off, we woke up to SNOW Sunday morning for the trip back. Don't see much of that in South Texas. True Winterjam! Got back to sun and 70, hooked up the laptop to the bigscreen and worshiped and rocked with ya'll again in Kansas! Great encore to our spring break! Praise to God for ya'll's safe travel. Heartfelt thanks for the Wired visit. Third Day gives so much and you're a blessing to our family.

God's continued blessings!


Dang. I have a camping trip too. Well, I will just play some good old oldies of ya'lls, and praise the Lord.

I'll be there!!!!!!!!!!

i can t wait until friday i m gonna make the only color of poster paper colors i might have blue or green but i can make u a pink one if thts ok with u , thnx i like a super duper ultramiate to the max number#1 fan so is my big bro

So, this chat was SO AMAZING!!!!!

-Getting you guys to play Take It All.. even though Mark told me on there that you wouldn't do it two days later in Louisville.
-David saying, "Hey Chelsie!" And waving.
-Too many highlights to count!

It was awesome! The best live video chat EVER!

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