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Congratulations Third Day!!

"Music can change your life and music can help you change the world." -Tai Anderson

So true, and how Third Day's music, has helped me change my life. Love it!

Keep doin' what you do boys, you ARE changing the world!

It's a shame the interviewer seemed to have no idea who Tai was.

Congratulations Mark, Tai, David, and Mac. This is well deserved!! Music does change your life, your music has changed mine! Keep rocking!!

Congratulations, guys! Let's, like, lose the simile (your shows are church). Your music is indeed life changing.

WOW! That was fantastic Tai! You were not nervous. You seemed to get everything you wanted to say in there. Perfect job. It's not often you can walk away from a quick meeting like that without thinking, "Oh! I should have said . . . " but I this was one of those times. Very proud of you, Tai!

Congratulations Third Day on your fourth GRAMMY win! I love Live Revelations and I'm so glad to see the music community does, too.

Congratulations guys! I love your music! Wish I could go to more of your concerts, but the Pacific Ocean is in my way.

Great job Tai. You really put the heart of Christian Music in perspective! I wish I'd have seen it live. Was so disappointed to find out that your categories were during the pre-show. Gospel needs to be a part of the main show! Who do we need to contact to complain?

Anyway congrats to all. Well deserved. I absolutely love "Live Revelations" MBT was one of my favorite concerts and my first meet and greet. I'm on the Raleigh M&G footage for about 3 seconds. (I was camera shy & hid behind someone else). Look forward to hearing your reaction to the Grammy entertainment. I'll see you Saturday in Greensboro.

GREAT job Tai! You're right, it IS church....your fans get exactly what they come for!!!!!!! I am so thrilled for all of you and you deserve it. You handled that interviewer perfectly...with style and class!


Just think, someday, you will hear from our Lord, "Well done, good and faithful servant." This is one of the moments He will be thinking of.

Great job Third Day! And Congrats! Keep bringing the Word to the world; Glory to God!


Thanks Ty, now tell me more about Lacey. LOL

Congratulations Third Day!!! You guys are so awesome. Great interview Tai. Can't wait to see you guys this Friday in Columbus. You Guys Rock!!!!

Congratulations THIRD DAY! I Love your Live Revelations CD & DVD! You guys ALL ROCK! Well, It's Feb.02,2010! HAPPY VALENTINE'S DAY From "Band Beanie Mama" and I hope you and your Brides all have a Fantastic Valentine's Day! I hope you all will let me know how your Beanie Hat's Fit! Nell May Morgan aka Band Beanie Mama! In case you want to send me a note here is my email address: [email protected]

Good job with the interview, Tai! Congrats to my all time favorite band! Your music always..always puts me in a good place.


Congrats guys!!! We know you're great musicians and witnesses, and slowly the rest of the world is catching up. Peace and Blessings.

Congratulation to winning the Grammy for this album. This album totally rocks and has a marvelous message!

yeah congratulations third day is amazing and this album has a very good message!

Congrats on the win you guys deffinetly deeserve it I do have a problem with what Tai had to say about your producer now not wanting to hear about the meaning behind the song

Congrats Guys !!!! You're the Best !!!! EVER !

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