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I would come however early or stay however late it took. Thanks for being so accommodating!

Thanks for making this change! I wasn't going to be able to make it when it was pre-show because the show I'm attending is a Friday night and I couldn't get off work early enough to make the pre-show time.

Whatever works best for the band! I liked the idea of my pit buddies getting in early but..

Looking forward to the show!

Tai, I can tell by the title of this post that your mind is set on football season

Well, this stinks. Can any of you who had a problem with the pre-show explain how having to now stand in line for 3-4 hours is better than showing 1 hour earlier? I'm don't claim to be a math whiz, but I'm not getting the simple subtraction here.

Just got back from the first night of the MAD TOUR.. It was Awesome!!! The way you did the meet n greet worked out fine.. I just felt bad for you guys having to rush to get back out there(especially Mac)..wish I would of had a little more time to talk to you..but thank you for still doing it.. So happy that you guys sang Children of God .. probably my favorite song on the new album.. which I already pre-ordered and can't wait for. You guys are so AWESOME and have the best fan club ever.. Thanks for all you do for your fans. You guys ROCK!!!!

Thanks for the update Tai and for always striving to meet the needs of your fans while making it work for the band and the venue. It is evident and appreciated that you take the time to pay attention to such an important detail. Travel safe and I'm looking forward to catching you all in TX next weekend.

Wow, you guys rocked Atlanta last night. Thank you for your ministry. Praying daily that God will surround you and your families and protect all of you and keep you fresh and focused.

Look forward to seeing the show in Fayetteville on Oct 30th. Whatever time works for you guys is fine with me. I just appreciate that you have a meet and greet at all!!! Thanks so much and God bless you Tai. : )


This worked out great! Just saw the Lafayette show, and, as usual, great show! Everyone needs to see this historic event. To see Third Day, Toby Mac, and Michael W. Smith all together on one stage; and Max Lucado speaking; all to glorify God and help children around the globe, is simply awesome.

Thanks again Third Day for reaching out to us. And Tai, as you stated in the VIP Q&A, I'm glad you have a job too!

God's Blessings and protection to all of Third Day and families. Hope to see ya'll around Corpus soon, anywhere within a day's drive of Corpus, we'll be there.

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