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Awesome!! I am still bummed that I had to bolt before the official meet and greet (I totally wanted a picture!!), but my conscience was eating away at me. Workers are supposed to be "invisible"...... Anyway, you are all such an inspiration, and I thank you and your families for sharing your talents with us, and allowing God to use you as His voice.... I know being away from home is hard (my husband works out-of-state all the time), so I continually keep you all in prayer. God Bless you!!!

I love it! That last one was getting quiet dingy! My husband asked Mike if he wanted us to take it home and wash it! :) Love the new one!

OoooOooooo Denise gets on the Third Day website!!

LOVE this!!! I am a fan of the new backdrop and a fan of Denise and 3D!! woo hoo

Well alright! Yea for the new back drop and Yea for Denise! Love it! Thanks again guys for the great show. It was so good to have you in Memphis.

Looking forward to having my pic taken in front of this with you guys for the first time on the Music Boat Cruise.

Awesome!!!! I do love the new backdrop and everyone in that pic looks great. What a fun night we had in Memphis!

Third Day was in Memphis? & I missed it?? Oh phooey! I do love the new backdrop. It looks great!

Looks great!

Love the new Look!!

Love the new backdrop! Can't wait for my first Wired photo with it! Hey Denise! Great pic!!

Enjoy the rest of the tour! Looking forward to seeing the summer festival schedule.


Forgive me for this Third Day...

Hi Jean DeChant:
I hope you've been well! I've prayed for you off & on, as God has pressed you upon my heart. God Bless You! Carol Wagner :)

Change is Good, like it.

I looks great! I'm looking forward to seeing you guys in Wichita!

Love the new backdrop!

Love the backdrop!! Looks great! Can't wait for my next Meet and Greet. Which will be Busch Gardens in June!!

I went backstage but failed to get my photo with you guys, I was the one with the cane that prays foryou fuys regularly. Such a inapiration to me. God Bless you and your families. Bobbie Roberts

I didn't have any chance to get my photo when you were in Brazil!
Let me try again!
God bless you all!!!

I haven't been to the Wired website for quite awhile...I used to always play the "radio" concerts while getting ready for work. But then darling daughter moved back home and I couldn't blast the computer speakers at 5:15 in the morning!

I love the new photo backdrop...I've always chuckled when looking at some of the M&G photos with the old backdrop....the guitar often poked out from the top of someone's head. This new backdrop resolves that issue!

Is there going to be a Wired Presale for the Make a Difference Tour? If so when? Looking forward to seeing you in Fayetteville for the final night of the tour!

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