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Maybe this is just me, but I think the biggest draw to join the fanclub will always be the chance to meet and chat with the band. I personally did not renew yet as money was tight and I wasn't sure you guys would be in my area this year. I would love to renew if you are out this way, but just to give you some honest feedback, that's really the reason I joined the wired fan club. Love you guys!

Hey Tai!

Like Apryl, I also tend to let my subscription expire and then renew in time for a M&G. That being said, the reasoning for that is not so much that the M&Gs are the only value I see in the membership. I don’t see the renewal discount as incentive enough to offset not getting the membership kit. Last year I renewed at a concert and gave the new membership kits to a niece and a nephew. The M&G puts a deadline on when I need to renew, but I would renew even without a concert. I don’t think I would let more than a month or two go by without access to Wired Radio.

If you did away with Wired Radio I would miss it incredibly! If you replaced it with MP3 versions for sale, I would not purchase every concert, but I do listen to virtually every one y’all post. Listening to concerts on there is how I heard when you guys tried to do KEEP ON SHININ’ in Arizona in 2008 when Mac couldn’t remember most of the words. Hearing that concert was what inspired my wife & I to bring the sign to the Music Builds show that read, “Please play KEEP ON SHININ’ - we brought the lyrics.” That, of course, led to the tradition of us bringing a variety of signs requesting songs all with the line, “We brought the lyrics.”

The telling of that story, and all of the interactions with all of you have been told by my wife and myself many times. To the point that a friend of mine who is not much of a Third Day fan (I know, I don’t understand him either) is determined to go with me the next time you’re in town simply because this running story has been so fun for him to hear about. If I had to purchase every concert I wanted to hear, I never would have known about those signs in Phoenix, I never would have made my first “we have the lyrics” sign, I wouldn’t have that story to be telling my friends, and whoever brought the sign last April to Fresno proclaiming they had the lyrics might very well never have done so either.

On the other hand, if the concerts I attend were available for purchase in MP3 format, I would buy every single one. That would be sweet to have each concert in my iPod. I see no reason why you couldn’t have a STREAM button and a PURCHASE button next to each concert. Since getting my iPhone I have thought there needs to be a way to be able to listen to Wired Radio on the go (if there is, I can’t figure it out). The idea of purchasable MP3s would seem to address that desire I have for listening to concerts on the go. I LOVE the idea of one concert (or whatever X turns out to be) included with the Wired membership and then subsequent tracks/concerts at 20% off just like other merchandise.

Wire Radio (and Road Photos to a lesser extent) are one of the things that separate Third Day from other bands/artists.

I hope this was helpful...


Hi Tai:
As for me personally, I LOVE listening to the Wired Radio concerts each week. It allows me to feel a part of you & your concerts. I WOULD MISS THEM INCREDIBLY if you did away with them.
In tweeting with other Third Day Fans, we are always commenting on how we are listening to old & new concerts alike, even older concerts we attended over a year ago!!
I believe that would be a DISSERVICE to your fans if you did away with the concerts!
As for me, I do not have an Ipod or an MP3 player, so if you did do away with the concerts, I would never hear your concerts. That would actually dislocate fans, not join them to you guys or the band!
I personally LOVE the meet & greets. Whenever you do come to my town, it is a thrill to be able to see you guys & give you a hug! (just my style & personality!) :)
I don't always purchase items, but it is because I'm not a huge t-shirt wearer. But I know I always have the option to buy them at concerts, if need be. But again, to do away with these things does not "provide service". :)
Supplementing concerts with the ability to purchase them is a better option.
I do not stay with Wired Radio for the meet & greets primarily, since you are not here that often anymore. It's for listening to your concerts!
You know I am a Faithful Fan and would Miss You Guys Terribly if you went away. May God Bless You! Carol Wagner :)

I think you've got something wonderful there, Tai! I agree, I do believe people mainly join Wired for the M&G. I can honestly say that I didn't just join for the M&G, but I think what drew me to become a Wired member was the Wired Radio, but don't get me worng! The M&G made me want it THAT much more. There was just something about getting to relive my first Third Day concert in the comfort of my own home. That concert changed my life and I love the fact that I can just fire up my laptop and go anywhere I want in the house and listen to it for the who-knows-how-many-eth time! (Lately, my favorite spot to do this is by the fire.) Same with all the other concerts I've attended! It's just wonderful..

On the .mp3 format thing, I think that you should make it to where people can still listen to the concerts through the Wired radio, but also have the option to buy the download. And if you kick that idea around.. I like the idea of giving the Wired members "Concert-Buying-Credits!" ~or~ Maybe you could have like a 10 minute preview of each concert and then if someone decides, "Oh, this concert is worth using a credit to listen to the whole thing! I think I'll get this one.." But I don't think I wanna see the Wired Radio go, but I do love the idea of the .mp3 format idea.

This is my second year being Wired and I actually didn't even wait for my old membership to even expire before I bought a new one. Seeing as I had a single membership and upgraded to a family membership. I don't think I'll be one of those who wait until you guys come to my area to renew because I use the Wired Radio every single day!

But if you ever got rid of the M&G's I would seriously cry! Because I LOVE seeing and talking to each and everyone of you! And Mike, too! Twitter and Facebook are just not enough! :)

I was actually just thinking about all of this the other night. Tai, I think we have twin-telepathy. Even though we're not twins! :) Two great minds think alike, I guess.

I love being Wired and will never be..... un-Wired, I guess you would say! :)

Love you guys! See ya in Fort Wayne, IN. and Louisville, KY. (23&42 Days!) I'm crazy, I know!
Can't wait to see you again, Tai!

Love Always, Chelsie. :)

BTW- on the note of "kicking around setlist ideas." I think you guys should start playing music off the new album that you've never played at a concert before. Like "Take It All" or "Let Me Love You." If you guys played those songs, I would absolutely DIE!!! I would cry so hard! Maybe even "Give Love!" PLEASE?! :)

See ya very soooooon, Tai!
Love Always, Chelsie.

Good comments. So far, I'm really landing on any .mp3s for sale should be in addition to the Wired Radio. So, you can still listen to all the shows if you're a member, and then only purchase the ones you want to own.

This would help you be able to rate the concerts or pick out highlights without having to first purchase the shows.

We're not talking about doing away with the meet and greets.

I love the idea of being able to purchase specific songs from specific concerts. You have never been afraid to shake it up...so go for it. Being able to hang with 3D is a priveledge in and of itself, we really do admire you, the rest is icing, and we appreciate the icing.

I think adding the option to purchase an entire show to have downloaded on an iPod would be great. I have said before that I wish I could listen to them away from my computer. Personally, I would be inclined to purchase at least those that I had attended and likely many more. My feeling is that I hope for you to continue having all shows available for streaming for members to hear with the purchase option as I and others really enjoy the access to all of the shows. That alone is worth the membership even without the purchase discounts you offer. And the M & G as well. (Coolness)

So yes, please make the shows have the purchase option. Love the idea! Can't wait to see what you are going to do. And by the way, thanks for asking for our input. You guys are so good to us. We're a bit spoiled.

Now if your active lifestyle would just rub off on me a little, I could work out to those shows on my iPod. I need all of the motivation I can get. =)

Hi Tai,

We got Wired memberships soley to meet you guys. Meeting you guys makes a concert so much more. I also love the pictures that get put up from the Meet & Greets. And we do use the Wired store quite often.

The radio however, I rarely use. But this is because I can only listen to it at work (as we have no internet at home in the country!!) so it's hard to listen to a song, then the fans go nuts and someone starts talking or yelling (like "How ya'll doing tonight!!!??") in my cubicle. Gets a little loud in some places during the set. However..I DO like the idea of downloading a concert I went to and listening to it in my car! I think this is something I would take advantage of. I can think of some concerts that would be great to relive at home or while mowing the grass! :)

Thanks for taking our input once again Tai!
Good luck!

maybe you could offer a discount each year that we renew wired........35.00 first year, 30.00 second and so on. it is difficult come up with new things each year for you, but saving money is good.

Hey there! I think that Wired Radio being supplemented by music download credits is an awesome idea...the more music that can be spread to others, the better. God works not just for those who know Him, but for those who don't yet, and this would be just another way to reach out. Imagine one believer sharing an MP3 with one who doesn't yet know Him on a school bus, and that kid saying "man that's some awesome music who is that?" Boom...door opens...and another soul comes home! Keep cranking the ideas guys. PS...enjoyed hanging with you in Greenville SC Saturday night. Hope to see you again soon!

And I was just saying *if* you were thinking of doing away with the M&G's. Sorry for the confusion! :)

I like that idea a ton! Being able to listen to all of the concerts and only buying the ones we want to own.

Looking forward to seeing/hearing (about) all of these changes you're gonna do! Thanks for taking such great care of us!


Love that idea, Tai! I was actually thinking that you should do something just like that right before I read this. I'd rather whole concerts. Will we be able to buy all the old concerts, too?
-Natalie :)

I myself would LOVE to be able to buy the songs I am not a member but I have used the sample of wired radio and thinking the whole time how awsome it would be to be able to own the songs.

Hey Tai!!
Been thinking about this all day!! I love every aspect of being WIRED, so I really wouldn't want you to do away with any of it, but it sure would be nice to purchase concerts as long as it is something I can download/upload (sorry don't know the difference) to my computer!! That way we could "own" the memories of certain concert that we actually attended & it would also bring some extra income back to you guys!! Once again, thanks for all you do for us fans, (you spoil us) & we LOVE it!! we really do appreciate that you are interested in our input! May God guide you in your decision!!

Hi Tai,

What keeps me renewing my membership is the Meet and Greets and the advanced ticket sales. I do buy from the online store but if you were to offer the 20% discount at the shows, I'd buy at the venue. Like right now, you had the Rockstar T-shirt at Winter Jam and I didn't buy it because I wanted to use my wired discount only to find out that the t-shirt is not online. :-(

I don't listen to Wired radio much but I know folks who don't get to go to a lot of concerts do. How about a preview week right after the show where we can listen for free, then offer the show/tracks for purchase only? Maybe an unlimited listen/download package. I like to put music on my iPhone so I would probably buy a show or two.

How about a 1/2 price CD or DVD purchase with renewal? Advanced notice of tour dates? I will continue to renew as long as you offer M&G and advanced ticket sales. The Wired package for the Music Boat was sweet too!

Thanks for all you do and I look forward to the new and improved Wired!

Keeping you all in prayer for successful business decisions! Looking forward to seeing what festivals you're playing!

Hi Tai,

Thanks for your posting. I was actually thinking every time I listen to wired radio that I would love to be able to listen to it in my car or on my ipod. I don't think that you should do away with wired radio, but allow us to purchase the concerts if we want to. I would definitely purchase the concerts that I attended, and maybe even more. I am one of those ones that does take advantage of everything the wired membership offers. I love being a wired member, and will be one as long as you make it available. You guys have the best fan club ever! Thanks for everyhting you guys do for us. You Guys Rock!!!!

Hi Tai,
My favorite part of my WIRED membership is the WIRED radio. Granted, I've done M&G's in November and January recently and feel that's a HUGE benefit but to your original point of non-renewal if there was a year I wasn't going to catch you in concert, God forbid, I'd still renew solely for the WIRED radio benefit. I listen to it all day at work, which is a priceless blessing. I definitely think the ability to purchase live recordings in addition to the WIRED radio would generate additional revenue and be another perk that could keep renewals consistent when the M&G isn't a factor in a particular year. Please don't do away with the WIRED radio benefit.
Thanks for once again asking for input from your fans. It's one of the top reasons I'm a devoted Third Day fan. God bless you guys!

Let me say first, if you do away with meet and greets, you won't have very many wired members. From a business model perspective, you could use a model like AAA. Initial membership is more but renewals are very affordable (like maybe 100 vs. 40). People doing their first M&G will definitely pay but you'll keep them afterwards. If someone doesn't renew, they pay the initial again. You should also consider some fun, outside-the-box, personalized contests or giveaways that would keep wired members interested and maybe bring more members. What about about a graphic contest for a T-shirt or a home-made video contest? How about giving away something that you wore (you have some cool hats) or a signed guitar? You want to make the wired members feel like a special, unique community that gets a more personalized relationship with you than the general public. People will pay for that relationship because you're down to earth, God-loving dudes and rock stars too. Hope that helps and thank you and your families for all you do to give us entertainment and inspiration on the journey.

Hey Tai,
I just bought my first Wired membership this past week and I must say it wasn't the M&G or even the advanced ticket sales that drew me in (although I do acknowledge those are HUGE perks) but it was the sample Wired Radio that really convinced me to commit. I've only discovered you guys within the last 2 years (I know where have I've been right?) Well, I've only given my life to Christ 2 1/2 years ago and the Lord really ministers to my spirit through music. I've been blessed to have been to able to attend 2 of your concerts and for my very first 3D concert I was able to get front row seats! The second concert I was able to take my 6 year old son (now also a huge fan)and my cousin (where I believe a seed was planted in her spirit)...I would love to be able buy those concerts to relive those memories! But I'd also still like to be able to listen to other/older concerts as well, in the current Wired Radio format.

However it all works out, I am confident that you will be making the best decision for the band as well as the fans alike. May the Lord continue to bless your music ministry and thank you for asking our input. Looking forward to seeing you at WinterJam in Michigan!

Hi Tai, I have been a Wired member since it first started..even though the first year was a little bumpy-I was still proud to be in this exclusive group... it has come a long way since then.....All of its privileges are great.... of course the meet and greets....every fans dream !!! The Wired radio is awesome....and the pictures of the Meet and Greets are fun to look at as well....I have utilized the merchandise discount a few times so all in all I am very happy with my membership.
Oh and the presale privileges are appreciated as well. Any extra perks that will help you guys as well as your fans will be just an extra bonus to an already awesome opportunity for all of us. I am just proud to be part of this and tell everyone about it....you all take care and hope to see you soon in California THANKS BE TO GOD FOR THIRD DAY...YOU GUYS HAVE BEEN A TRUE BLESSING TO ME.


Hola!! Since it had taken me over 10 years to actually see you all live in concert, I am probably not the best one to respond to this, but one thing I love to do is brainstorm ideas, and if anything would actually help the band and crew, then that would just be a double-blessing! What is your biggest target audience right now? What seems to be bringing in the best revenue for you all? What direction do you feel God pulling you in? You guys have been such dear friends to me since I first heard of you in early 1998, although you really have no idea who I am. People who love your music will continue to follow you and be blessed, regardless of what you do. Are you wanting to change things up a notch? Get people more involved in your charities? Bring some worship messages alongside? I have a feeling you have some good ideas yourself. Remember, God sees all the tiny dots between His beginning and ending. He has special "dots" with your names on them! Don't be afraid to step out of the box if that is where He is leading!! God Bless you, and I will still be here praying, as always!!

Ummmm.... having said the above, I am really wanting to re-live the concert and listen to it.... So, should I sign up for Wired? :) Another question: I saw something about concert videos on UTube... Is it ok to upload them without asking you guys permission and having you see them first? (yes, my naievity is showing a bit too much).....

I too love the Wired Radio! In fact it was one of the reasons that we renewed our membership again this year. The meet & greets are great it is a fun to meet the band and other fans. The merchandise discount is my least favorite aspect because the shipping is so high. So most often I try to buy at the shows because even with the discount ordering on-line still costs more. The idea of being able to buy MP3 of a show is would be fantastic. I would certainly be willing to do this. Something is lacking in Wired, maybe it is just the lack of interaction within the club. How about a Wired member gathering like was done in Nashville a few years ago. Maybe something that could raise money for a charity which in turn would put your large fan-base to doing a good deed.

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