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I so wish I could go to some of the CA shows in May! But a thing called responsibility is in the way! I'm sure it's gonna be an awesome tour, as it was awesome to see Mark & Mac along with Brandon Heath in Hawaii last Nov! Looking forward to when all of Third Day comes out here!

carol wagner

Hi Third Day:
I couldn't leave a post without saying hi to you! It needed to be a separate post, tho!:) Be Blessed, You Guys! I'm praying for your fast approaching tour. I pray you guys are so ready, so prepared for God to Use You!I pray your families are prepared as well. There are so many things on my heart to pray over, but I'll let the Holy Spirit Move. Hey, you're first show is located 1/2 hr east of the university I attended. I miss home, right at the moment. It blesses my heart to know you'll be there. God Bless You Guys! Remember, YOU'RE LOVED! Carol Wagner

Carol Wagner

Hello Nell May Morgan (aka: Band Beanie Mama)

Most definitely I will be praying for you!! God IS SO FAITHFUL; you can see it in the fact He has sent so many faithful servants to you! PRAISE HIS NAME!!
A coworker of mine left me a note and I keep it hanging at work where I can look up and see it. It reads:


Rest in THE LORD
Rest in HIS LOVE
Rest in HIS ARMS


I pray that for you, as well! God Bless You! Carol Wagner

Teri A

Posted mine... a bit late. Be sure to come back to central KS soon too!!!


Ok Mark, this is my first time ever blogging! Decided I was tired of being in the stands & wanted to get on in the game! Haven't figured out yet how to get those pic rearranged, but here goes! What no cheering? :) Go, pixielily go? LOL!


My first entry in Third Day on the 3rd Day... Sonshine 2008. See you guys Friday & Saturday!


Howdy THIRD DAY Fan's! Well it's now Day 18 since my Husband Larry has passed away! He will be buried on March 16,2009 at Northern California's Veteran's Cemetery in Igo,CA! I just wanted to say Thank You for your Prayers of Support! God has Placed His People in my life to help me through this time!
I have been listening to Randy Travis's CD Three Wooden Crosses and I heard Randy say: It's not what you take with you But what you leave behind! I miss my Husband Larry as he is my Cowboy "TEX!" Thank You Third Day for your SONGS as this is what has HELPED me make it through this time! Nell May Morgan aka Band Beanie Mama!


sorry, posted the wrong link before...


Posted on my blog..



I hid a little lyrics reference in my post. It shouldn't be too tough to pick up!

Carol L (TDfan Gomer)

Yeah Third Day on the Third Day. I missed it last month but posted my blog anyway! Looking forward to the Revelation Tour. I'll be sitting 4th row center in Fayetteville, NC! Hope to meet some Gomers at the show.


Not only is it Third Day on the third day, but it's Third Day on the third day of the third month!


Wait...wha? I was #1 & my comment came thru at #1 but I got bumped! LOL Oh well alls swell


WOW I actually came in 1st this month!! Where is everybody? LOL

Cindy (goatkeeper) gomer

Hey Mark! Here it is! Hope you like it & it is all sooo true! Can't wait to read everybody elses blogs too! PS NW Indiana needs another concert soon! :D Cindy(goatkeeper)gomer

Tai Anderson

Feel free to embed the widgets that Mark posted earlier this month in this blog as well!

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