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I Love this song! Can't wait to see you in State College!
Love the shirt I am a huge Jars fan also!


Love it! I'm excited to see you in Fort Walton Beach Florida!
All the best!

Lemur Girl

It's amazing what happens when God works through you. It sounded absolutely beautiful.

Try to swing by the Virginia Beach area on the Rev tour.

Blessings and hugs to you Georgia boys

--Lemur Girl

colette' greer

your music has blessd me , you cant even imagine! YOUR CD'S are all that i listen to. the lyrics are wonderful. they are so real. God is speaking threw you. Mac, your voice ,its undiscriable ! God has blessed you with a very unique and awsome voice. your song's are life songs. keep on praising the lord. God bless you . Come to Nashville or Memphis soon !


You guys are awesome and you put on a great show. You should definitely consider releasing an acoustic version of this song! Sometimes, the raw, earthy tone of acoustics really work for a song... and this one is perfect!
Thank you and God Bless you for all you guy's do!


Erg mooi!
Misschien wel mooier dan het orgineel.


excellent showing!! the boys have some talent, huh??
About half way through i suddenly realized -Tai is playing a six string!! cool!!

cathy davis

Loved it! Shows how little I know about music - I didn't hear any flat notes...

Mac was cracking me up playing his air guitar. Reminds me of when I had babies and I was continually rocking them when I held them and then when I wasn't holding them, I was still rocking. Mac was rockin'!

I really enjoyed this!
Thanks :-)


Mark, I actually thought you were trying to add a little middle TN flavor with that high-E! It sounds great! Truly it's the live stuff like this that clearly separates a gifted band from those who can't play without effects, synthesizers, dancers, and a cheering throng. Thanks guys, for keeping it fresh, keeping it authentic, and keeping it real all these years.


Nice! Where did Mac get the Jars shirt? That shirt rocks!

Carl Barrow

I like that one better than the original. I'd love to be able to get a copy of this version. Maybe it could be on the next album. Ya'll are doing a great job keep it up.

Matt Walker

Very cool. And wasn't playing out of tune what you guys were known for in the early days?

Carrie Cook

LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT and love you guys - you have touch so many lives with your heart towards God's and your authentic desire for mankind to know this love and desire He has for us, His heart towards us to be made real to all who listen. Stay in midst of His palm for you all are mightily used!!!

Steve Muchnick


That's the kind of stuff all your fans need. It puts us right there in the middle of the worship. Great video, and may God Bless You and the 3D Ministry.....Always!



hello I like it


Really Cool!
I like seeing live videos on here.

(and btw apology accepted about the E going flat) :)

Angie (angelfan)

I commented below, but I also wanted to mention I liked seeing the close-up shots of the chords you guys were playing. This is very handy for a fledgling guitar-player like myself.

Jennifer Patterson

AWESOME! I think you should've let David play air guitar as well or let him hit the desk or something. Great job. God Bless!

Cindy (goatkeeper) gomer

Hey Mark! Great Job even with flat E!! You are so talented, Mark! Really enjoyed seeing Tai playing guitar too! I like seeing videos like this as it makes you feel like you are actully there with you guys! :D Great air guitar Mac & singing! LOVED IT! Thumbs Up! :D

Steve Lowe

I was thinking "I'd give that a thumbs up" Then Mac did exactly that.

Nice job Mark, even with the flat E. Are those guitars at the station for visiting artists to use?

Angie (angelfan)

Awesome! Thanks for sharing, Mark!

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