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Rachel Hansen

Looking forward to your May 2009 visit to Portland, Oregon. Thank you for bringing the best songs for me to worship the Lord with (usually in the car)..and I know they are from your hearts!


Hey guys:
Just wanted to thank you so much for an awesome year of Third Day! "Revelation" is an incredible effort. The Christmas Offerings DVD is awesome! I saw you guys in concert in Irvine, CA and then in Yorba Linda, CA for the Randy Miller benefit concert. Both concerts were great! I'm a middle school teacher and play your music all the time. I have students coming in wanting to hear Third Day. I carefully choose certain songs and let you guys minister to these needy kids. Thanks again for all you do. Have a very special Christmas and I'm looking forward to seeing you again in the new year.


Hey Wendy I love your logic!!! LOL

BTW did anyone "win" this month and we missed it?... maybe it should be a Tai oops I mean a tie between Wendy & me!!! hahahhaha... but seriously... I'm just sayin'

Carol L

Sorry I missed posting on the third day but wanted to participate so my posting explains why I'm late.


We had a great interview with Billy Wilkins the other night. Here is the replay:



You guys rock! I am new to this so sorry about anything that doesn't make sense.

carol wagner

Hi Third Day:
Great to be "talking" to you guys!
Been praying for your Asheville show! Hope it was fabulous!!
I can't tell you how EXCITED I am to get to see you on Saturday! I hope you're excited to be out here, as well! I pray God's Blessings are on the two shows you'll be doing here. As for me, I don't intend on missing any of the blessings the Lord has for me. :) I THANK GOD for every one, also! I'm going to try to get to the show in Yorba Linda as well (it's closer to me), but I may be late. My daughter has a concert to attend for orchestra. We're getting ready to go to Disneyland tomorrow for my daughter's birthday! Disneyland at Christmas-time IS THE BEST!!
I'm praying for travel mercies as you head out West! Ya know, how Blessed am I?! Disneyland on Friday, Third Day on Saturday, Third Day on Sunday!! Abundant Life I have! :) I'll say it again, GOD IS SO GOOD!! God Bless You Guys! Carol Wagner



Janet and I posted our Third Day on the Third before you did Mark...can't we get something free like a concert ticket or something???



Bummed that I've gotta leave TX...but I'll be back :-)

Cindy (goakeeper) gomer

Hey Mark & Third Day! Hope you guys like this blog! It is soo true and you are a very necessary part of God's plan! Keep up the good work in glorifing God! We all need you! Thanks, Cindy(goatkeeper)gomer

Adam M.

I'm sorry, but I don't have a blog page or anything like that. I hope you guys come somewhere close to me in 2009. I want to see you in concert again!

Robin Rane'

So excited about your new blog! Looking forward to keeping up with my all time favorite band in Christian Rock :)


i cheated. i posted about the little rock show about a week ago, so i just used that one. it's almost 3 a.m. on the fourth, so technically it's not third day on the 3rd day anymore, and i'm too sleepy to write a whole 'nother post :-)


Great idea!

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