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Cindy (goakeeper) gomer

Hey Mark! Hope I did this right & got it in on time, this time!! It truly was a dream come true! GOD IS SO AWESOME!!!


Finally participating in the monthly "Third Day on the Third Day" extravaganza (if you will). I hope I did it right. Thanks, Mark!


I wish I could see one of your Music Builds Tour Concerts 3D, but I can't. I'll try to see you guys sometime in the near future.


Thanks again for the CD!!!

Take care,
BTW: loved the interview you and your wife did with secretlifeofkat!!

James Cochran

Better late than never right? My post is all about looking forward to the fall tour and really more about how I found out where my seats are for the show in November!


Just looked at the clock and technically it's the 6th of Oct. POO. I for one DO appreciate reminders. I've yet to do a Third Day post... maybe the 3rd of Nov. Yeah, that sounds like a winner... if you remind me on the 2nd.

Bernie Rosage Jr.

Browsing through my digital photo album I realized there are a few images that fall into the catagory... "You just don't see this kinda stuff everyday"... go to my "Bloggin' for Third Day on the 3rd day" to see how it all ties together.

BTW... Great show in Raleigh last month!


I posted my top ten list for best Third Day songs to work out to. :)


Oh goody, I was hoping you'd put a post out there for this. I saved my thoughts from the ATL Music Builds show for this.

Dawnifer Gomer

Do you need us to send you a reminder on the 3rd of each month? Just teasing! The whole lost iPhone thing threw you off kilter I know. I'm sure your new one has a SOME kind of reminder thingy on it. BTW...GO RAYS!!!


Okay I'm not sure what to do and need my link deleted.


Was gonna do a two-fer, but I didn't know if I'd be disqualified for that so I figured I'd play it safe and post the second link down here.

I did an official On The Third Day post yesterday (yeah I was late too)...

But I also did a post after the show last night, which you can find here:


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