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Steve Kendrick

RE:U2 & Final Show of WUR Tour@G'boro
Hey Tai & Guys,
I'm hoping that I'm sending this in the correct manner; fact is I've never replied to a blog before, but I REALLY,REALLY hope that you will receive it.
Let me begin by saying that I had intended to try to write or comment in some way, again hoping that you would get my sincere THANKS for another terrific, and spirit filled concert here in Greensboro, NC. I hope that you will continue to keep Greensboro on your "map" of venues to play, 'cause we ABSOLUTELY LOVE!!! your music and your message that you deliver to us here. We(my wife and about 15 other friends from church ) were at the coliseum when you began the "Come Together" tour (please forgive me if I'm wrong as to which tour it was, I just remember thinking "Man I've NEVER to my knowledge been to ANY band's start up tour"; and thought it ironic to be there as you were wrapping up "Wherever You Are", or at least this leg of it. We plan( God willing) plan to be at each of your other Shows ( I actually feel that they are more like "Services", since God's presence is always so abundantly there. We'd drive of course many, many miles if need be to see ya'll; but am thankful that we currently only have to drive a few miles since I do have a very painful back condition along with arthritis in the same area and it's kind-of a drag to have to drive long distances since I have to allow extra time for stopping and stretching and stuff; so we're really blessed to have you guys come here to little 'ole Greensboro to play. I am an "unsigned" Gomer, but plan to change that. I'm guess you could say a relatively new FANatic, since the wonderful piece of work "Time" is the oldest thing that I currently own by ya'll; and I must disagree with Bono that while I LOVE Conspiracy, Time is still my favorite. Which brings me to the other reason for my writing. While I could go on and on, and on about how you bring the message of God's Word and blend it in such a unique and wonderful way with the best elements of Rock & Roll; I wanted to address your feelings Tai about Bono.
I must say that I'm disappointed to hear about the things that you told about his passing out and using profanity like he did. I had not heard of these things.
I began listening to and playing Rock & Roll at a relatively young age (13 yrs. old, and I also play or should say "play at" the Bass Guitar myself, though it doesn't show since I've been in bands since learning to play at 13 or 14.) And now at 45, I feel that I should be MUCH better. I enjoyed the comment you made about the bass not being very hard to play, and it isn't; it's just developing these skills more and more and being fortunate enough to be able to play along side of some very talented guitarists and drummers. I play a tobacco sunburst Vintage Edition Re-issue of a '57 Precision Bass that I bought new back in 1986. I had a very talented guy that works for a local music store switch out the pickup's for a set of active EMG Humbuckers, No cutting done on back of it......just FYI. Oh, and by the way, I thought I'd seen you pretty much play a Music Man 5 string w/active pickup's? Oh well..........back to Bono...........
My oldest(15) and (6) of our two boys and I went down to Charlotte to see U2 for the first time(Dec.12,2005), paid an outrageous amount of money for the tix through eBay(it was sold out, and we didn't hear of the show since I don't listen to the R&R stations as much since becoming a Christian in 1996 ; but after seeing the Elevation DVD not so long ago; I told myself that if I ever had the chance to see them I was going to; and I just really had this feeling that I needed to see this tour. You see I didn't jump on the band wagon when they first came out; due to I guess a number of reasons; but I think the biggest of these reasons was maybe the lack of just sitting down and really listening to them. You know how you can hear a song or even many of their songs and still not "hear" them. I think the same could be said of my experience with REM. :-( Anyway, I left the arena feeling very spiritual, though in a different way sorta. I mean, a spiritual meaning was and is in any of U2's work; and I feel that God is working and speaking to Bono in his life. We ALL make mistakes, but he knows that that sort of behavior and talk is NOT in keeping with a Christian's way of life. But please don't get me wrong, I'm NOT judging, who am I to judge anyone; a horrific sinner, saved and spared MANY, MANY times from death by the fabulous and bountiful Love,Mercy, and GRACE of God through His Son, my Saviour, Jesus Christ.
I am just hoping and praying that God will continue to bless the ONE campaign and certainly the Invisible Children cause through World Vision, of which we plan to become a part of since thinking and praying about it from you Tai on this past Saturday night.
I will say that I commend Bono for trying to show the things that the Islam, the Jewish, and we Christians have in common; and to say that we are all earthly sons and daughters of Abraham. I would hope that this would prompt the followers of each to think. However, he stops short in saying that in "the scriptures" as he calls them, that it says, that Jesus himself said that I am the Way, the Truth, and the Life. But I guess maybe to say this in this context would undermine his point.?
Anyway, if God is using him to try to stop the blood shed over there, then we should and must take that as a positive thing. Of coarse, it's the radical believer's, not the true believers that appear to be the source of the problem.
Bono has many eyes and ears on him, (as do you guys) and wouldn't it be a wonderful thing if he ( and I pray this for myself and all believers in Christ ) would become more grounded and bolder in our walk and faith.? What a real impact for the Kingdom, and souls saved!!!
In closing; Thank You again for totally rocking us, speaking to my heart, and serving and being obedient to God. And Thanks for being open and honest, not having to look or search for the message in your songs and your work. Hope you ALL have a safe, happy, and restful summer. And remember, we're here for you guys if you need a place to how should I say, maybe work the "bugs" out when it comes time for the new material.! We're here for you no matter WHERE YOU ARE in that material!!! may God continue to lead you in your performances, your writing, and every facet of your work for Him.
God's Blessings,
Steve Kendrick...Phil. 4; 4-7 P.S. I was looking for some pic's from the last show. Maybe they're coming.? Will keep lookin'. Thanks, SjK

Tammy maher


Hi im A big fan of u guys..first of all ive studied u2 since i was 6,im 21 now..u2 were christain and backslid but are back on track!!who are we to sit and judge Bono when we all fall short of the glory of God??...Yes ive seen bono drunk or swear and so has the world..does this defy him into Gods kingdom?what do WE do that God would not be pleased with??just coz the world cant see it it doesnt mean its ok and bono isnt the christain???if it was not for Bono many would not be a christian including myself..just coz someone battles in an area doesnt mean he isnt a christian and he admits when his done wrong which many of us wouldnt have the guts to do..yes he has a name to uphold but dont we all as believers??instead of judging Bono pray for him and look at ur own faults and we all have issues to deal with..this does not make Bono's sin right but God's grace is suffient for all of us not only me and you but Bono too..go listen to how to dismantle an atomic bomb and see just how U2 is praising God..watch an an old dvd and a latest n see how they have changed!! i know what im talking about as I do research daily on u2 and have for the last 15 years..pray for Bono for even a bigger change and that God will convict him of his sin and not just sit and judge him or anyone when we all have something we battle with..next time look in the mirror befor you look at Bono..


Tammy Maher South Africa


Wow, what a great story! I'm so Happy for you that you got your blessing. I have also always been a huge U2 fan (is there any other kind?)You guys really run a close second in my book. I can't wait til the next time you come to the Pac. NW I will defintley go see you. The new album Rocks esp. i can feel it

Amanda Evans

Thank you so much for this article. I was at that concert and remember when Bono mentioned you guys. It was so cool!
I have been having this "discussion" with plenty of people that I go to church with including my former pastor. U2 is secular therefore they are bad. I have enjoyed every opportunity to talk about U2 with fellow christians. We should be willing to defend what we believe.
Bono has done so many great things to raise awareness and I admire him for that. He's a real person. Yes, he's a rockstar and he's not perfect but who is?
I also had issues with the drunks around me. It was my first U2 concert and I got really angry because it seemed like every 2 seconds they were going for more beer. I enjoyed the concert despite that and wouldn't trade the experience for anything in the world!
Thanks again for being such an example and I look forward to seeing you guys perform at the Fox on Good Friday!!


Thanks for writing this post, Tai. I have temper problems, and it's nice to know that even celebrities aren't immune from that. Keep loving God, all of you guys, you're my favorite band.

turner shane carter

Tai, I enjoyed that piece of info . I love to hear from real people .God's grace is sufficient.I too have had times like that but, what is cool is God understands and will give us strength to carry on.2 Cor.12:8 May GOD'S Blessings continue to be with ya'll...

Bill Wardle

Thanks for your honesty, Tai. I've had plenty of those "slap-in-the-face" moments where you are rudely awakened to the fact that you really aren't living as Jesus commands us to live-showing love, joy, peace,patience,..... It's tough to admit. Thank you.


re: goodfight
...or, if you actually *know* anything about U2, you'll be rolling on the floor laughing. Well, actually if you *both* know anything about U2 *and* love Jesus, maybe crying at the shame such stuff brings to His Name is more like it.



You get it. I'm glad. :)


www.goodfight.org . Go to the U2 section. You'll be shocked. Not for people who don't want to destroy their collections.

Jonathan Sacci

I saw U2 on November 19th. It was a great show. That's pretty sweet he mentioned Third Day.

Gomer Jesus Girl

Tai, this sounded like every U2 experience we ever had, BUT especially at the last show we saw at Glendale Arena (which is where you will be playing)on the vertigo tour. Only wish we could have been at that show. We would have talked to you and made you an honorary ZOOTOPIAN.
I like you, have been a U2 fan for years since 1982. I really found the Lord because of U2 in 1992 on the Actung baby/Zootv tour that yeat. It was so eventful.... I am so glad they helped lead me to Christ and I got to find ThirdDay. You guys are so awesome but you just really blew me away with your article. Hope you don't mind but I posted it on the U2.com site on their Zootopia forum for all the fans to read. They deserve to see this. You are AWESOME Tia..

James Selvey

WOW Tai, I know I am not supposed to envy, but MAN I would have loved to have been there with you for two reasons. First, U2 is my favorite band next to you guys Third Day! I have seen you guys three times and can't wait for the fourth. I think it will be in St. Louis or in KC. But I admire your honesty and your ministry. You guys have been huge in my walk with Christ. See you soon!! James

James Selvey

WOW Tai, I know I am not supposed to envy, but MAN I would have loved to have been there with you for two reasons. First, U2 is my favorite band next to you guys Third Day! I have seen you guys three times and can't wait for the fourth. I think it will be in St. Louis or in KC. But I admire your honesty and your ministry. You guys have been huge in my walk with Christ. See you soon!! James


I saw Third Day live for the first time at Youth Specialties Conference in Pittsburgh in Oct. Of all the great Christian Artists there, I can truthfully say that more than any other group, Third Day as a whole meant more to me because all of you left us, your fans, feeling appreciated for the work we do with youth. It seemed that you went out of your way to let us know that we can make a difference. Your post re: U2 just confirms the sincerity and humility you show to us. Thank you for the openness and honesty. Like someone else posted, it just helps us to see you all as brothers in this wonderful family that God is knitting together and your acknowledgement and confession to God is what continues to inspire us.


Tai, I was checking your website tonight looking to see if you guys were playing in the NY/NJ area and I came to the "Recent Photos area" of Third Day's site. The picture of you guys with Bono caught my attention and then I read your "story" about Bono. I, myself, was a huge U2 fan...that was over 10 years ago though. My life has since changed and I rarely listen to them anymore. But I have to tell you this. When I looked at that photo with Bono, I thought exactly this to myself: "I can remember a day when I would have done anything to meet Bono, but out of all the guys in that picture, I think Bono would be the last guy out of all of you!" And that's the absolute, honest truth. Your music blesses me more than you guys will ever know and I believe Third Day's message brings more truth and conviction than anything U2 has ever sung about. Just my opinion though!


Great story and I am touched by your reflection about "what fans want" -- as well as your honesty about the guy next to you and our labels for each other. Have linked this on the blog for the "Get Up Off Your Knees" U2 sermons book, just FYI.


THANK YOU TAI!!! Finally, someone saying something positive about U2. I have been a U2 fan ever since I heard Vertigo. My Christian friends think U2 is dumb. They would rather listen to AC/DC. Keep on truckin' Tai!


Thank you for posting this, Tai. Third Day opening for U2 would be quite awesome!

Wendy N.

Tai, thank you so much for the wonderful post. I actually do not fault you for being upset when your wife and David's were being affected by the drunk guy-- my husband would have been incensed by that and yes, I would have to come up with the bail. But it brought tears to my eyes when you said Bono called y'all out from the stage.
Just want you to know that is the effect you dear guys in Third Day have on ME--you are a blessing to many.


You know I had that same thing happen to me at a Slayer concert! Just kidding! lol! You brought up something very important that we forget in our Christian walk,and that being that instead of looking for others faults(Bono)we should start out by look at the man in the mirror. I feel sometimes we as Christians develop a certian air of "clubishness" if thats a word? Anyway Jesus said it was the sick that needed a physician, not the well!Thanks for that great tesimony it's a real pick me up to know that someone else fights the same battles as you do. From one bass player (oh by the way how do you do that lope in consuming fire on a four string bro I've played that a million times and cannot get it)ROCK ON!!

Caleb Johnson

That's an incredible story. It's a shame that we allow ourselves to get so wrapped up in star's lives instead of the person next to us, but it's a perfectly normal human failing at the same time, and one I'm very guilty of. I remember feeling just like you guys did when U2 recognized you from stage - when you guys recognized us from the stage in Salem, VA when we had the 50 foot 'Play xFreebirdx All the Heavens!' banner a couple of years ago. Totally stopped the show - Easily the coolest memory I have of all the times I've seen you guys live.


On a side note....
In Tupelo Mac called me (actually he called all Gomers) a "psycho fan", now Tai says fans are "fanatics"...What's up with that??? :)
Sometimes a fan just brings a cool breeze on a warm day.


That's awsome that you got a mention from U2. I saw their tour here in Washington DC and it was amazing. As a wanna be rock star who's band used to play covers of Sunday Bloodly Sunday next to Consuming Fire, its cool to hear about one of my favortie bands talking about another one!

kim boone

This is why you are such a role-model for Hunter, Hayden, and Holland. You are so real and passionate about being a God-follower and servant of Christ. You truly live out the Great Commission. I hope my boys grow up to be as passionate as you are about humanity. Their eyes are looking up to you....keep presson on. Kim BOone

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