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October 02, 2008


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jordan 1

Please keep the cowboy hat.
Could you tell you son good job with footballand!! He look just like you!!!


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I listened to you on KLove this morning for the brief drive to our carpoolers house...I loved the two stories that I heard---about your daughter being afraid of going on a cruise and your son 'comforting' her by saying it's a big boat like the Titanic.
And the story about you getting out of Jail. Priceless!
I have two boys, an almost 4 year old and a 6.5 year old and it's so great to hear some of the funny things coming out of their mouths.

Marika Hollis

Please keep the cowboy hat.
Could you tell you son good job with footballand!! He look just like you!!!



I know I'm a little late, but I agree with everyone else...wear the hat and not just in Texas!

Speaking of books. After reading your post this summer I read "Same Kind of Different as Me." What an AWESOME true story! I loved it! So, thanks for sharing. (I could probably recommend some good books for your wife, but, not sure you'd enjoy them.) Oh, here's one both my husband and I enjoyed...The Shack. Great story!


Definitely, keep the hat! Just rolled out of bed a couple hours ago from the OKC concert. I took my son and one of his buddies, and we met a couple friends there. AWESOME! - to say the least. Not many bands can sound BETTER live than recorded, but you guys do. Loved every second of it! THANK YOU for your dedication, faith, inspiration and for taking the talents God gave you and using them to give Him all the glory.


Tai with no cowboy hat? That's. Just. Wrong.


Wear the HAT!


I thought band members could wear whatever they want, plus you gotta have your own signiture look that way if one of our kids wants to dress as one of you guys and he has on a Third Day shirt and a cowboy hat, everyone will know he is not just a Third Day member, He is Tai Anderson, the collest Bass Player in the world. You gotta keep the hat.
Ps. We pray for you guys and your families often. God bless your wives and children for sharing you all with the rest of us. I can't imagine the sacrifice they make each day. See you in Johnson City in Nov.!

Jennifer Patterson

Hey Tai, I find you to be the most interesting bandmember. You are always smiling and you look like someone that would keep everyone happy and motivated, but all of you were so kind (even Mike). I was in San Antonio last night for my first Third Day concert and LOVED it. I told my sister that I sounded great last night (singing along). We are definitely going to see you guys again. God Bless and take care.


You gotta wear the hat, man. It's classic Third Day


You have to wear the hat, you're the "cowboy"!!!!!! Can't wait to see you in Oklahoma!!!!


I guess you could help Eli with that rock star thing...

Natalie Protz

You HAVE to wear your cowboy hat! Everyone calls you the "Cowboy" because you wear your cowboy hat. You can't quit now!


Tai - Went to the Dallas show last night and you guys ROCKED THE HOUSE!! SOOOO glad you brought Jars with you this time as they are my 2nd favorite band! ;) First time to see RR Band and Switchfoot and really enjoyed their performances. LOVED the last song when you all got on stage together. Couldn't go to sleep last night after the show...

Tell your manager that your tried and true 3D fans LOVE your cowboy hat... I was wondering how you were able to wear that jacket all night long between you running all owver stage and being under those stage lights! (What I don't miss is Mac with the bleached hair, black glasses and silver "space" pants that he wore during the Time tour... What WAS he thinking?!?!?) ;)

Thanks for always coming back to Dallas, TX!


Ok Tai, YOU HAVE to wear the hat! You said it yourself... it's TX! No excuses! :)


Yay, Cole! Way do go! Enjoy TX!

carol wagner

Hi Tai (and everyone in Third Day!):
Way to go, Cole!! Awesome job!! Keep it up!
Hope your show is AWESOME as well. God Bless, Carol Wagner


Ohh yeah...the Book Thief is brilliant!!!!


Praise the Lord Eli is well! WooHoo!
Thank you for sharing your intimate moments with your family...it is an honour.

I am glad I don't visit the Boards anymore...the uproar in regard to your Manager's request will be like that of a tsunami! Suddenly their world will be turned upside down...LOL...Gotta love the Gomers ;D

You may actually enjoy the book, WICKED: the life and times of the Wicked Witch of the West. I promise you that you will never view OZ the same again!
Ted Dekker's ADAM is a good spooky thriller.


two books I read recently that I would recommend -- "The Kite Runner" and "The Book Thief" both are awesome, can't put it down, reads

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