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October 14, 2008


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I'm a football mom and a HUGE Third Day fan! I hope you and Cole enjoyed the game.

I want to extend a heartfelt thank you to you for a couple of reasons...in 2002 I went through a divorce and God used your music to help me through it. It was my first exposure to Third Day and I remember just feeling so lifted up every time I played your CD.

Thank you also for your recent Music Builds Tour show in Houston, TX at The Berry Center. I was able to gather more than 50 single parents and their kids from my Bible study class and we rocked the house with you! After Hurricane Ike, we all needed it. God knew what he was doing when dishing out musical talent to you guys.

God bless your families for allowing you to come and bless our families with your talents.

Thank you!!!!!!!!!

Carol L

So, did he win? We want details!!

Carol L

So, did he win? We want details!!

carol wagner

Oops, that would be SHE missed her first game ever. :) Nonetheless, ENJOY your FAMILY TIME! God Bless You! Carol Wagner

carol wagner

Hi Tai:
I hope you had a AWESOME TIME with your family at Cole's football game! I pray they won! Enjoy your time off with your family! My daughter was sick, so missed her first game ever. God Bless You! Carol Wagner

carol wagner

Hi Tai:
Have a GREAT TIME at the football game on Saturday!! I LOVE FOOTBALL!! Football and the Fall (Autumn) - nothing like it! I'm sure Cole is pumped up, as well!
My daughter is on the Dance Team, and we have a game on Saturday, also. BIG RIVAL TEAM, LA Baptist. I HAVE TO WORK! :( First game I'm actually going to MISS!
Enjoy your game with your wife and family! Savor every moment!! God Bless You! Carol Wagner


I'm on the injured list myself right now, and even though it's interferring with my ability to sleep, I can't flag the play because I caught "Ashes To Glory" in the middle of the night on Detroit Public Television. And after that inspiring Marshall story, I couldn't help but pull out my Rudy DVD...and then Radio after that...oh yes...GOD BLESS THE GRIDIRON!!!

And rather than just take in every bless-ed moment of Cole's game on Saturday, Tai, why not have somebody videotape it so you can take it on the road with you during the LIVE Tour? (like a next best thing to being there) Just a thought...


Have a blast. Loved watching our son play last season...took me right back to high school watching my husband play. Time flies.

We leave tomorrow to go get our daughter in Guatemala. Packing for six with about a days notice....yikes. Why am I sitting here typing this? :)

We will post pics on our blog while we're in Guate.

Enjoy that game!!


You MUST post some highlights!!

Marika Hollis

Have fun Cole at the football game..
ps be carefull!!


Your love for your kids is just beautiful and heart warming Tai.
I pray that the Lord blesses Cole's game and that He strengthens Cole in his special areas.
Have a blessed day at the Game Tai.

Much love to you and yours from Down Under.

PS...I have put the Revelation album on my mobile. Whilst grocery shopping today Elijah had my phone around his neck (via the WIRED Lanyard) and Call My Name was playing. We found ourselves singing along with abandon (ohh dear)...hahaha.
Elijah and I sure are hard core fans of Third Day and Fools for God! haha

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