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September 07, 2008


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Beth Prekker

It sounds like the tour is going great. I was in Baghdad when you all came over on your USO tour. It was an amazing time for us when Third Day came to fellowship with us and bring us some incredible music. You won't likely remember me, but I was with Joyful Noez when Mac invited us to do a song with you all (little did he know how many of us there were!). I am going back to my hometown this weekend (Holmdel, NJ) and learned that you all will be there as well. Naturally I had to get a ticket to come see you all again. :) I'm really excited to be going home and to be filling my soul with music and the Word!! I can't think of a better combination. Give everyone my best.



me again...sorry...this topic really fires me up. Let's also remember that we aren't supposed to judge. We will be judged based on the measure that we judge others....and we don't want that! I have personally experienced that. God gave me a serious attitude adjustment recently about judging others by having someone treat me the way I treated someone (a good friend) a few years ago. It was a painful lesson but I am grateful for it.



Amen to that! Our whole life is worship...everything we do and say. We were created to worship God and for his glory. I attend church every week because corporate musical worship, hearing the Word and fellowship is important but it's not the basis of a relationship with Christ.


To me, each Christian concert is a form of church. Gathering with brothers & sisters in Christ in fellowship & worship to our Lord. Attending church is not solely definable as being in a building on a certain day to worship. It's gathering with other belivers to learn & grow & praise! Mind you, I do go to church & I do love it. That being said...Tai, hope you got your R & R and enjoyed being home. See you in Nashville! ;)


Hi Tai! I was at the Rock the Universe concert and yes it was pretty special. I haven't been to a show in over 2 years and am so glad I drove up despite many obstacles. Thanks for being so cool at the meet n greet before the show. Go Canes! Gators....boo!!!!! I hope to make it to Atlanta.

Church is great but the veil has been torn...we can access God anywhere, anytime.


Joan Young

Amen! Its about the Heart. If one is going to church because they have to or feel obliged, then their heart isn't in the right place. God can be worshipped anywhere, any time and anyhow. Considering Tai just spent goodness knows how long in worship, taking the Word to the masses....I think we can allow him an hour or two to himself ;0)

We must remember that Jesus isn't in a Church, but everywhere.

Mind you, I do understand your point. Once we start skipping Church for self indulgent reasons, we develop the habit of not going to Church and thus due to the lack of Fellowship with fellow Believers we can back slide. So I totally get what you mean. It is amazing that most stay home from Church because they are feeling ill etc but in days of old, the sick were carried to the Church to be healed. So it is a fine line. However in this situation, I think we can turn a 'blind eye' to his playing hookie. ;) hehe
Bless y'all.

Andrea Robinson

Nothing wrong with taking some time for yourself. You work for GOD daily. I am sure they where all glad to see you when they got home.


considering you are part of a christian band, I am surprised you didnt choose option B. Practice what you preach?

Marmoo 68 aka Mary

Hey Tai, Hope you enjoyed your time to yourself, and then had a ball with the kids once they were home! Glad to hear you plan to crank things up this week for the Music Builds Tour. I will be at the Sept 12th show in Virginia Beach, and I am already cranked up!! LOL!! I know it will be a great show!! Can't wait to see you then!

esau    pichardo

Hey Tai!
God Bless you.
I've been a third day fan since your fist record came out.
First time i saw you guys live was at Knott's Berry Farm in Buena Park, California.
When COnspiracy 5 came out. You guys are a great band and inspiration to me.
Be Blessed....
rock on :)


reading, working out, drinking coffee, and taking a shower...

It's the first Sunday of the NFL! The rest is just optional. Go Colts!!

Hope you have a great Sunday!
Take care,


Enjoy your remaining hour and a half... and afternoon with the kids!

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