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September 10, 2008


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I am sure you have done this..it worked for me and I can't sing a lick.

Kids love to sing and make music. They like to make up songs too. So, I start and usually make up a quick song about one of them, then it is their turn. Usually, they will sing a song about you or their pet, and they look at you in way while they are singing, makes you cry, but it is fun. And the looks on their faces when you are singing about them. We learn songs together and just builds their self esteem for sure.

Have you ever showed them how to play bass? I remember learning on guitar when I was very young "These boots are made for walking" and, "Secret Agent Man". Granted, I don't remember anything but the beginning, but it is the memory I cherish the most. My cousin Larry taught me.


Take it from a professional (preschool teacher) here. Buy yourself some simply, yet new and exciting toys. Bring them out ONLY when you really want them to play with them. Make sure it is something that they really want.(think slinky!) And if all else fails, get out the playdough or pipe cleaners. That provides hours of entertainment if your lucky! Of course, kids love to be read to. That is the best. Cuddle on the couch, get out your favorite book, and watch the wonder in their eyes as you bring the words in the book to life. You are a great daddy. Hang in there!

Melanie Moore

Hey Tai,
So I was sitting in the doctor's office today and picked up a Points North Mag and saw an article on the band. I am reading through the article and take a look at the pics and there you are. My brain goes, "WHAT". Then I read the names of the band members and my brain goes, "NO WAY!". I think I had an AP English class with you back at Roswell High School. You helped me write a paper I did where we associated our theme with a song. Don't know if you remember me or not but my maiden name was Kinberger back then. I had no idea that you were in Third Day! I remember hearing the name of the band back in high school but being as far from God as you can get I didn't catch on. This comment has absolutely nothing to do with your blog posting; I just didn't see where I could write to you. Congrats on all of the success. I will be praying that you guys continue to reach people for Christ. Love the music and am so happy for you.
PS - I work at North Point Community Church now and I am seeing a lot of our old classmates at church and in small groups. Pretty cool to see how the Lord works.


Of course now that I think about it, I enjoyed Veggietales as much as she did...actually even more...."God is bigger than the... Boogeyman...."...so I never got much done then anyway...


What about Veggietales Videos? I found that saving some of my work to do during Anna's nap time didn't always work. Many times I needed a nap as well!


Hey Bro, I am preaching to the choir here but love every minute of every headache. It only comes once with each kid, and then it's only a memory.

I am at the grandpa stage now (A young grandpa, only 44)

My little grand daughter was run over just one month before her 2nd Bday.

Praise God she was only banged up and she is still with us today. But let me tell ya, it changes your whole outlook on life.

Forget e-mails and work, I tried it, it don't work. Whatever you find to do with them, let the kid in you out and have some fun.

You can get the some of the other stuff done at nap time.


Even the best of parents resort to the occasional Spongebob video. No shame in that...

Lynn K

I tried to block out those years actually.... just kidding. The mess freaks me out too. still.
I'd have to say that the most fun was a walk to a nearby park and letting them play on the swings etc. there. However if you can't do that then I'd have to agree with the cookie baking. If that's out of your league then roll a ball back and forth on the floor. get a dog.. idk ! They just want time with us.


Good catch on the babysitter, parenting thing! Daddies don't babysit~they parent!

Jackie Bryant

Hmmm...play dough, making cookies, reading a story, hide and seek, fort making, squirting windex on surfaces and letting them "clean" them off, a cardboard box, legos(maybe too small yet?), and my kids' personal favourite, playing in the dirt followed by a a bath.

Anita akagomer

The day is over but for future reference. We use to have a big bucket of dried beans and various measuring cups, ect.. I would put my toddlers on an old shower curtain (for easy clean up) and they would play for hours. Even if a bean was "eaten", it was small. We also use to have a blow up mattress that the kids would lay on and I would "jump" on it to make them fly. Oh, the giggles!! A homemade fort always worked too. Wow, seems like yesterday - they're 9 & 11 now and on to other adventures. God bless!


How is the one-armed bandit doing?


Sound like you have a good game plan going! My three girls love to listen to me while I read them stories! Board games or go for a walk and play I spy...

See ya in Cleveland!!!!


it's tough with two young ones, i know! hey tai, how do we get third day to come and play our church? i see so many churches on your fall tour, but no info. who do i need to contact? please e-mail me and let me know. thanks!

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